Earn with our white label solution

Offer website maintenance for your customers under your own brand.

  • Only tested and managed coders

  • Coder is appointed within the 1st hour

  • Average task turnaround is 3 hours

  • Commitment to finishing any task

  • Minute based charging system

White Label Solution is suitable for:

  • Freelance Developers
  • Designers
  • Studios
  • Bloggers and Consultants
  • SEO Companies
  • Hosting Providers
  • Theme and Plugin Developers
  • Other Online Products

Why White Label from Coding Ninjas?

  • With White Label you can offer your clients or readers all our tools and premium service under your own brand.
  • Task management system, emails, browser extension, other tools and applications will have your name, logo and style. You even get to decide how much do you want to charge your customers and how do we share revenue.
  • Earn from $30 to $700 per month from each of your customers or readers with revenue share model.
  • You can use our task management system and other tools to perform your main sercives to the same customers.

look how fast coding ninjas are!

0hour 15min

To line up
footer menu

4hour 20min

Plugin to send different emails
depending on a delivery option

3hour 20min

Convert landing
page from PSD to HTML

0hour 15min

Enable printer-friendly
capability on the content pages

0hour 50min

Install Wordpress,
upload and setup
new theme

1hour 20min

Fix checkout.
Setup and compilation
of Apache in WHM