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At Coding Ninjas we believe that only skilled professionals can develop and maintain high-tech projects in a fast, efficient, and sustainable way.

Failure is not an option for our clients. That’s why we connect them only with those developers, who share the same attitude.

In return, you will get a constant workload and freedom to work from anywhere in the world.



  • No competition with agencies or inexperienced developers

  • Decent hourly rates, no need to bid low rates to get a project

  • We assign only those projects that match your skills and available time

  • We’ll take care of sales and negotiations while you focus on development

How to become a Coding Ninja?

Here's how our vetting process goes

  • Send your CV

    Tell us who you are and what you do. We will follow up with an introduction letter and your further steps

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  • English test

    Most of our clients are from English-speaking countries. You will be communicating with them directly, so English proficiency is a must.

  • Code quality test

    Show off what you've got! Remember, we only accept the top 4% developers to work on our platform.

  • Live interview

    We believe that successful projects are 40% hard skills and 60% communication. Live interview is a great way to show us you feel the same.

  • Congrats!

    You can now start working on your first project

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  • How can I join Coding Ninjas as a freelancer?

    We rigorously vet every freelancer who applies to join our platform to make sure they are qualified to work on our clients’ projects. There are four simple steps:
    1. Background check. Before we move any further, we need to learn about your core skills and previous experience. Start by sending your CV and don’t forget to include your hourly rate expectations.
    2. English proficiency test. Most of our customers are coming from English-speaking countries. You will work directly with your client and need to be able to communicate with them in an efficient way.
    3. Hard skills test. You will be given a few problems to see how good you are at development itself. These will only include tasks that are applicable to the tech stack you work with.
    4. Live interview. We get to know every freelancer to work with personally because we believe that personalities of people we work with are just as important as their code quality.
  • After I get accepted, how long will I wait for my first project?

    Typically, you will start working on your first task within a week. However, the timeframe may vary depending on your availability, what technologies you work with, and the actual demand for them at the moment.
  • How do I get paid?

    We provide payouts once a month based on the number of hours you’ve charged within a period.

    Your hourly rate x Charged hours = Monthly total

  • Which payment options are available?

    Payoneer is the only option we support at the moment.
  • How will you track my working hours?

    Freelancers have to log their hours to the Coding Ninjas system.
  • Will my hourly rate ever be reviewed?

    Once we know we would be able to offer your services at an increased price, we may suggest raising your rate. It’s more likely to happen if you have a proven record of success on our platform or gain new skills.
  • What about career growth?

    Besides one-off projects we also have clients who are looking for freelancers who’d be interested in full-time remote positions. If you care about career growth, those are the kind of projects we think would work best for you.
  • How do you match me with projects?

    Once we have a new project opening, we decide who to assign on a task, based on a few criteria:
    1. Appropriate set of skills
    2. Availability at the given moment
    3. Preferences on a kind and length of the project
  • Who are the clients?

    We work with everyone in need of highly qualified vetted freelance developers. Some of the people you may be working with might be:
    • Independent marketers or digital agencies
    • Studios
    • CTOs of tech companies
    • Entrepreneurs from creative, innovative, e-commerce and other digital industries
  • What kinds of tasks are most common?

    Here are just a few things we work with (regardless of tech stack and project sizes):

    • Migrations from one e-commerce platform to another
    • Small fixes and adjustments to WordPress sites
    • Building marketing websites from scratch
    • AI and machine learning tasks
    • Blockchain development
    • Native and hybrid mobile apps
$149monthly plan
The Freelancer
  • 5 developer hours per month
  • Additional development time at $29/hour
  • Unused hours roll over up to three months*
  • Unlimited support 7 days a week
  • Cancel anytime
$495monthly plan
The Professional
  • 20 developer hours per month
  • Additional development time at $25/hour
  • Unused hours roll over up to three months*
  • Unlimited support 7 days a week
  • You can cancel at anytime
$1399monthly plan
The Business
  • 60 developer hours per month
  • Additional development time at $23/hour
  • Unused hours roll over up to three months*
  • Unlimited support 7 days a week
  • You can cancel at anytime

For 90 days from the date of each payment.