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What is Freelancer? is one of the oldest online freelance marketplaces, and they continue to be popular today. The platform offers services in almost all verticals: web design, web and mobile development, marketing, research, copywriting, data entry, virtual assistance, sales, and many others.

After a 15 minute setup, users are given access to millions of contractors from all around the world. They claim to have processed 7 million projects through the platform. Since so many employers trust the platform and come back for multiple projects, that means you should too, right?

Wrong! But why?
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    You have to spend anywhere from 2 days to few weeks on choosing the right candidates. Most projects receive far too many applicants and most of them are not qualified for your project.

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    Their customers are frustrated with their experiences. Many freelancers and employers are justifiably wary of unscrupulous partners attempting to scam them, and freelancers often end up with their project funds being reversed after a project has been approved.

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    Freelancer offers employers the opportunity to pay a membership fee for a heightened experience, as well as per project commissions and an additional visibility “boost” for posted projects via paid ads.

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Freelancer Features

  • Free Job and Contest Posting
  • No-Cost Chat
  • Time Tracker
  • Secure Payments
  • Milestone Payments

Freelancer Pricing

  • Customers pay a membership fee (ranging from free to $199.95/month), a 3% processing fee, and for any advertising they use to boost their project visibility onto the screens of more qualified candidates..
  • Freelancers pay Freelancer anywhere from 10% or $5 per project (whichever is greater). Usually, freelancers add this to the price they charge their clients.

Freelancer Alternatives.

Even though Freelancer offers access to a big database of freelancers and tools to manage them, it looks like a lot of their customers are not happy. A much safer bet would be to hire a local contractor or use other sites like Freelancer that vet and filter in only the top 10% of freelance talent.

  • Freelancer vs Coding Ninjas
Developer Pre-screening* -
Time to Start Project 0.2 - 2 days 2 - 14 days
Guaranteed Project Quality -
Project Failure Rate Low Very high
Live support -
Raiting** 9.1 out of 10 5.7 out of 10

* Multiple tests and interviews

** Aggregated reviews

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We’ll find a perfect freelancer for your project in under 24 hours.

Four key things to consider when choosing a Freelancer competitor:

  • Pre-screened developers.

    Evaluating and vetting the quality of a software engineer or developer by yourself can take up to 4 weeks of difficult, tedious work. A provider who has tested, interviewed and worked with your candidate before and can vouch for and guarantee quality work will save you headaches and wasted hours.

  • Matching process.

    Choosing the right person for any job can be a nightmare- especially when you’re picking from a list of 100s of candidates. At Coding Ninjas, we offer you 1 to 3 candidates that are the best fit for your specific project so you can just pick the best and get to work.

  • Live support.

    When the pressure is on, getting support quickly can make or break a project. Being limited to ticket system contact support will slow your progress immensely- that’s why we offer live support.

  • Focus

    We’re specialists by nature. We live and breathe software and web development projects, where sites like Freelancer dabble in many different skill areas and may not have the knowledge you need when you need it.

Why chose Coding Ninjas over Freelancer?

  • We test every engineer thoroughly so you don’t have to
  • We find the perfect match for your project in less than a day
  • Get a quote with our help, and start your project as soon as you’reready
  • Take advantage of live support and stellar project communication
  • We work on projects of any size
get a quote now

We’ll find a perfect match for your project in under 24 hours.

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  • We love Coding Ninjas!

    Coding Ninjas helped us build our team with high-level resources. Their prompt service and attention to client requirements our simply outstanding.

    Kenneth Schembri

  • Good quality/price ratio.

    There are many options when it comes to finding a dev for remote work, but very few have good quality/price ratio. Coding Ninjas do. Good for both short and long-term tasks

    Max Ivanov

  • Great team with the
    right idea

    The team at Coding Ninjas has been great to work with. They introduced us to their system, set us up with a great developer who met our exact needs, and all at a reasonable price.

    Mark Zahra