For now, all our developers are located in Eastern Europe and Israel.

We can maintain your sites and the sites of your clients. We can develop new features, fix bugs, change appearance of your website, etc. You don’t have to worry about the quality – it’s all perfect. If you want to know how we can help your client without your interference, go to the white label section.

To start a task, you have to register and add a website that you want to get help with. After this you can request the task through your account, browser extension or an email.

It depends on the task’s complexity. We try to fit the following timeframes:

The length of the taskApproximate time of delivery
up to 1 hourwithin 6 hours
up to 3 hourswithin 12 hours
up to 5 hourswithin 36 hours
up to 10 hourswithin 96 hours

Any tasks that associated with the web development: new features, bug fixing, changes on the front-end, work with the server, etc.

Despite our business model requires to buy “hours of our work” beforehands, we charge your Ninja account only after the tasks are completed and you agree with it.

Not only we hire the best developers to the team, but also we assign tasks to the developers that can do it in the best and fastest way.

Our team is located all around the world and we can do your tasks even while you sleep.

White label solution will save 100% of your time. Your clients now can request tasks through the self-management system and CodingNinjas will resolve this tasks under your name.

White label works by the revenue sharing model. We can charge your client your regular hourly fee. To see our commission, please, go to the pricing page.

To request white label solution, please contact us.