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What is Crew?

Crew is a freelance marketplace that helps employers find contractors for high-quality creative work. They refer to themselves as a community of handpicked and vetted developers, designers and small teams with a 99% project success rate.

Crew, (formerly known as ooomf) was founded in 2012, in Montreal, Canada. Their customers have included enterprises like Google, Uber, Tinder and Apple.

How is hiring through Crew different from hiring yourself or through an agency?
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    Direct contact.

    Crew connects customers with developers or small teams directly, rather than placing customer success people between the two parties.

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    Hiring process.

    Instead of waiting for weeks or months to hire an agency or a full time developer, Crew will procure 3 valid candidates within 48 hours.

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    Pre-screened candidates:

    Like many websites similar to Crew, Crew freelancers must speak English, share three references from past clients, and provide three examples of work. Mobile developers are required to have apps with 10+ reviews, rated 4+ stars in the app store.

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Crew Features

  • Vetted freelancers
  • Project management tools
  • Payment protection
  • Built-in legal agreements

Crew Pricing

  • Initial refundable deposit of $100
  • According to their pricing tool, an iOS and Android app with personal profiles and in-app purchasing ability would cost $93,900.
  • According to their pricing tool, an E-commerce website with social login and a CMS would cost $28,320.

Crew Alternatives.

Crew has focused their business around design-oriented projects, and little is said about the quality of their development work, but there are sites like Crew that focus more heavily on development work.

Crew competitors have different models. Some give access to a database of 13 million freelancers, and some offer top 3% of the world’s talent. Here are the most well-known Crew competitors.

  • Crew vs Upwork
  • Crew vs TopTal
  • Crew vs Gigster
  • Crew vs Coding Ninjas
Developer Pre-screening*
Time to Start Project 0 - 2 days 0 - 2 days
Projects of Any Size -
Project Failure Rate Low Low
Raiting** 9.1 out of 10 9.0 out of 10
Rates $23 - $50 / hour Project pricing, usually usually averaging between $80-$100 / hour.

* Multiple tests and interviews

** Aggregated from and

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Four key things to consider when choosing a freelance staffing provider:

  • Pre-screened developers.

    References and apps are nice, but there is no replacement for having a developer vet another developer’s skills. Having a provider who’s tested and worked with a developer before is invaluable in making sure a project goes smoothly.

  • Focus

    A master of all trades is a master of none- especially when it comes to digital products. Choosing a network with laser focus on development is a no-brainer when you know you need development help.

  • Prices

    A highly qualified developer is not always the most expensive developer. Often, customers are left paying a premium for brand name recognition that may not be reflected in the final product.

  • Personal 24/7 support.

    Projects move quickly, and if a problem occurs, slow or inadequate customer service can bring it to a screeching halt. Make sure your provider offers high quality support- it’s the cheapest kind of insurance money can buy.

Why chose Coding Ninjas over Crew?

  • Rigorously tested and vetted engineers We find the perfect match for your project in under 24 hours
  • Top developers and engineers from Eastern Europe for $23 - $50 per hour
  • High quality live support and clear project communication from day one
  • Lower hourly rates without lower quality
  • A team dedicated to high-quality software development and coding
get a quote now

We’ll find a perfect match for your project in under 24 hours.

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  • We love Coding Ninjas!

    Coding Ninjas helped us build our team with high-level resources. Their prompt service and attention to client requirements our simply outstanding.

    Kenneth Schembri

  • Good quality/price ratio.

    There are many options when it comes to finding a dev for remote work, but very few have good quality/price ratio. Coding Ninjas do. Good for both short and long-term tasks

    Max Ivanov

  • Great team with the
    right idea

    The team at Coding Ninjas has been great to work with. They introduced us to their system, set us up with a great developer who met our exact needs, and all at a reasonable price.

    Mark Zahra