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Why your business should be using cloud-based login security

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Using a number of different business software apps is normal for most small businesses, but it doesn’t have to be disorganised or complicated. Imagine if you could just use one platform for all your employees and your customers. You would have less IT management work to do and more time to spend on business tasks to accomplish.

Cloud-based security can help your business extensively as it frees up your time and creates trust and security among your employees, customers and clients. This article will help you discover the benefits of having a cloud based login security system and why it can help your business in ways you never imagined it could.

Cloud-based login security defined

Basically, a cloud-based login security portal lets you log into your computer applications by automatically synchronising your identification information using cloud based login applications, such as OneLogin.

It may sound highly technical, but it has a lot of benefits you can use for your business when you incorporate it into your business security strategy. In fact, research has concluded that encouraging your customers to login via a cloud-based security service, can help you to increase brand trust, secure your customers’ identities, and ensure real-time monitored account security.

Benefits of using cloud based login security

  1. Consumer trust. Knowing what tools your employees are using to log into your business accounts, enables you to better concentrate on more important things, without having to worry about abuse or IT security. With the abundance of information theft and digital fraud, implementing cloud-based login security allows business owners to outsource their IT security department to third-party SaaS providers.
  1. Incorporating cloud based login apps to your business systems, is an excellent way of increasing employee convenience. As well as this, when your end-users know that your login methods are safe and secure, there’s slim chance that your clients will back out and look for another company to provide the same product or service which you are offering.
  1. Higher efficacy and productivity for IT teams. OneLogin aims to reduce the redundancy of logging into different applications by encapsulating everything into one cloud-based platform. This has been proven to increase work productivity. Your employees enterprise login details can be secured using the OneLogin platform.
  1. Simplicity of reports. Since your business is using a lot of different applications on one central platform, it makes it easier as a small business owner to track employee logins, from which location and at what time. Auditing staff accounts is a much smoother process and writing reports is streamlined and more organised.


OneLogin: Identity Management As a Service

OneLogin’s number one aim is to protect employer and employees identities and to keep this data safe and secure. Its application is user-friendly, convenient, and practical. Since OneLogin is cloud based, you can synchronise your system and create one account for all of your business employees and clients.

You can also be sure that it has strong authentication and encryption systems, as it requires additional authentication factors such as one-time passwords, verification codes and pre-determined security questions.

With an easy cloud-based portal, a secure login system, and an organised directory and file storage set-up, there’s no question that OneLogin can assist your business with the security and functionality which you need.

OneLogin puts your identity and personal information first so that you can freely use this application without worrying about your identity’s security.

OneLogin is the premier cloud-based employee and client management portal, allowing your business to securely monitor and manage your sensitive business account details, all from one convenient online control panel.

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