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Why engaging visually with your customers matters

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

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Often at times, it’s hard for small business owners to provide their customers with end-user support in an effective manner in which their customers will understand.

Verbally teaching your customer how to implement changes to your SaaS, be it browser or desktop-based can often result in misunderstandings and communication errors. The most common solution for this is to use shared desktop viewing software solutions.

In this article, you will learn why it matters to engage visually with your customers and how you can maximise your business communication methods by working with your customers and clients in real-time.

Engaging visually with your customers

Engaging visually with your end users is actually one of the best forms of customer service, which you business can give. The screen sharing software “Glance” knows how to engage with customers effectively and engagingly through their cloud-based services.

Complicated technical instructions can be hard to give to your clients over the phone, or via text messaging support systems. Glance addresses this issue by providing visual solutions to your clients for better customer interaction.

When you show your customers what they need to see on their devices remotely, they can better understand how your software works and how they should be using it.

Engaging visually with your customers is especially helpful if you need to conduct a lot of in depth and technical explanations. You can retain more customers as you work with them in real-time, to show them visually how to use your product, even increasing your sales due to the hands-on nature of your visual demonstrations.

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How to engage visually with your customers

Visuals are not just only used to improve your product, they can also be used to extend your customer service through more meaningful ways. An example of this is fixing a technical issue on the customer’s computer through screen sharing, which the Glance software excels at. Solving important matters and minor software glitches, in real-time, both parties can see the same screen even when they are remotely apart.

Long texts can take a long time to read and digest and not everyone has the patience or the time for that, whereas visuals can be more engaging and helpful. Through engaging screen sharing, you are not only telling your customers how to use or maximize your products or services, you are actually showing them in real-time how to do it.

Another excellent feature that Glance provides is Co-browsing, which can open up new opportunities for your customers and your business. Selling face-to-face can be hit or miss, but you can eliminate this by selling your services or products through real-time demonstrations. Letting your customers see and use your product on their own screen, can help build trust, confidence, and loyalty. And since it is cloud based, your customer doesn’t need to download or install anything, leading to a more streamlined experience and increasing your sales.

Increase brand trust through visual demonstrations

Visual engagement with your customers is important as it allows your brand to build trust, loyalty, and confidence in  purchasing the product or software which your business provides.

Some of the things that you can do to engage visually with your customers are to upscale your customer service to meet their demands and to provide fast and easy solutions to their problems or queries.

Co-browsing can increase sales through this customer support method as it allows you to explain how your product or software operates, in real-time, in a visually appealing and informative way.

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