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What UI lessons we can learn from Google Products

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Google UI Lesson 1

Google has such a simple platform that it’s impossible to get lost while using their products daily for your small business needs. Google’s system is smart, intuitive, and adaptive. Primarily its UI is user focused and Google made a smart move to put their team in a business owners position, to make the applications more useful for everyone.

Google Products User Interface

Google knows how to think like its users and does not just act as a company that tries to sell its products. Google is innovative with its Products and strives to deliver what’s best for business owners. They study consumers demands and come up with smooth solutions that will enable business owners to search faster and use their apps daily for business use with ease.

Google knows that businesses need to run in real-time,  therefore speed and flexibility are at the primary focus of their applications. Google’s applications are sleek and easy to use in your day to day business activities. The applications are fully functional, allowing you to use them for all of your business software needs, be it writing documents, collating data in spreadsheets or sharing real-time collaboration projects with your clients.

Lessons from Google’s UI 

Being the number one search engine in the market, Google certainly knows the three basic rules of creating an effective user interface: make it simple, make it fun, and make it fast.

Google doesn’t underestimate or overestimate its business users. Practically speaking, some small business owners are computer literate while others are just starting out.

Google made a smart move by making their applications simple, clean, and smooth to use. Google itself lets you choose from options on how you want to see results based on the data which you input into their applications.

Google also knows how to make their products work fast. As mentioned, a lot of competitive business tools and applications can be slow and buggy at times, but Google knows that business owners rely on speed and efficiency at all times. Since Google’s apps are minimalist, they work efficiently.

Google UI Lesson 2

Getting distinctions from excellent UI

If you think it only takes small business owners to appreciate quality user interfaces, it is actually more than that.

Out of  systems and products that work to a high level of efficiency for most users, Google apps are rated most highly in the business community.

Google Inc. won a best contribution award to UX through material design with its approach to improve business owners day to day operating experiences and are adapt at turning innovative ideas into reality.

Online could-based applications allow for better experiences online when business users understand an applications interface and know the features which can benefit their businesses.

Google knows how to empower small business users with a great experience and smooth online applications, assisting them with their daily business needs, through an interactive and effective user interface.

Google has a lot of products it offers to business users and they’re all consistent with the design, the functionality, and the smoothness of every cloud-based application. Users are literally a part of the process as Google delivers what would best fit their business communities needs, from an interactive interface to excellent product experience.

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