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What UI lessons can we learn from Yahoo?

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Yahoo UI Lessons 1

Yahoo is Google’s main competitor in the market, but both are getting a large amount of praise and page views from consumers. Yahoo’s website is a little bit more interactive and packed with information, but we can learn a thing or two from its user-friendly UI.

This article discusses Yahoo’s current user interface, how much it changed and brought about some improvement for consumers and what are the advantages of using Yahoo for its UI above other search engines and email platforms.

Yahoo’s current UI

When you first take a look at Yahoo’s homepage, you will quickly notice how simple it is with the different kinds of information in which it displays.

But, overall, Yahoo’s website is clean and clear of confusing features or unsearchable buttons.

Yahoo is more than just a domain name for email addresses, it is a comprehensive Internet portal that incorporates a search engine for users across the globe.

Yahoo’s homepage might look a bit overwhelming at first but the smart use of its white spaces and the clean layout can be beneficial for both the company and its business users.

Yahoo’s page is but a faint background with colored texts for the links. Albeit a load of information, the colors and layout on the website are easy to the eyes and are not confusing.

Advantages of Yahoo’s UI

Yahoo’s homepage is simple and clean yet informative. Despite the load of information, it is easy to navigate and you can find a lot of things quite easily on the home page.

With regards to aesthetics, Yahoo made a great consideration of its users when the company built the website by choosing a text that is legible and appropriate for displaying information. The color contrast with the white background and colored texts is also fitting for most readers.

Even in modern times, Yahoo’s landing page looks like a low-resolution page but without the slow speed when searching through their website.

It makes use of light graphics and seldom uses complicated back-end coding to enable the page to load efficiently. This is a plus for users as most consumers opt to look up information on their smartphones now.

Letting users create their page’s own look and style is a plus, especially those who are specific with what they want to see.

Yahoo UI Lessons 2

Yahoo! Mail for convenience

Yahoo! Mail is a convenient and practical email platform for business owners to communicate with their team of workers and their customers.

It is flexible and has a clean and well-organised set of folders for users to store their emails in. It also provides security for small business owners, by separating spam emails to eliminate damage to a user’s email account.

Now it’s also easier to respond to emails, forward them or move them to a different folder. You can easily mark emails as read or unread, depending on which ones you want to prioritise and be able to read first next time, thanks to their simple to use UI, built with functionality in mind.

Yahoo has always been in the number 2 spot after Google, but it doesn’t mean they’re not making any subtle changes.

More so, making changes doesn’t mean jeopardising effectiveness for mere looks.

Yahoo was able to apply both by changing its user interface and at the same time providing the same convenience to their users, if not better.

They say that the customer is always right and with a simple user focused user interface, Yahoo will remain relevant for many years to come.

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