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What UI lessons can we learn from Microsoft?


Microsoft UI Lessons 1

Microsoft is widely used by business owners and corporations today and it continues to be a success in the market despite the number of competitors and the increasing innovations with technology.

Microsoft continues to pursue better products and services for its business customers while developing basic and advanced applications to encourage businesses to go beyond what they already know and are capable of.

About Microsoft

Microsoft is a giant office applications software company in the market and today, it caters to different types of consumers with its numerous software and cloud-based products and services.

Despite Apple being a major competitor and releasing innovative small business solutions, Microsoft has earned its spot in the industry and continues to grow their software business, all while keeping existing business users happy with its determination to offer cutting edge innovate products and services.

Microsoft’s products include software and services, devices and solutions for small to enterprise-sized businesses.

Business users often take into consideration the aesthetics and functionality of a program or cloud based application, before deciding to invest in the product or service. How smoothly and effectively it works, along with aesthetics is the key to attracting users, followed by the product functionality and ease of use.

Microsoft: What makes a great UI design 

Microsoft knows that at the heart of every successful application starts with an excellent UI concept, designed specifically for small business users themselves. So what makes a great UI design, according to Microsoft?

First off, Microsoft manages to make their applications intuitive for business users so they won’t be left behind or confused when using the software. It’s important for corporate and enterprise users to immediately know how the software is operated and not be confused and have a hard time familiarising themselves with the operating features.

Second, Microsoft’s office applications are dynamic. Any software application would make more sense if it delivers to a users specific preferences which are the most helpful for them. It’s especially helpful that most of Microsoft applications are specifically designed and essential for work tasks, allowing users to be more productive in the workplace and providing easier solutions for everyday enterprise tasks.

Third, flexibility gives business owners the power to tailor their work according to their preferences. Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint, utilise a template driven UI allowing for powerful functionality and daily usage. 

Microsoft UI Lessons 2

UI lessons from Microsoft

From Microsoft, we learn that what makes a great user interface is innovation and inspiration, and these two come mostly from users themselves who inspire the entire Microsoft team.

Microsoft has learned that it’s equally important to provide small business users with many different functional options, so that they are comfortable to work at their own pace and with a uniquely designed platform just for them.

In essence, dynamics is important so that business and enterprise users can feel more productive while working and that by using Microsoft’s products, users can enjoy increased productivity in their day to day operational tasks.

Microsoft knows how to provide business customers with what they want and need, from basic applications to advanced software tools.

Functionality alone is not enough to make an application work; the user interface is one of and if not the most important features when it comes to a SaaS.

When small business users of software like what they see from  a functionality point of view, they are more likely have a better user experience, comparatively to other applications or software solutions. With that in mind, it’s important to make users a part of any company’s business strategy and also to make them a part of its success.


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