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What UI lessons can we learn from Facebook

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Facebook UI Lesson 1

Data crashes, low connectivity and inconsistent availability – these are most of the complaints you would hear from small business Facebook users. Seeing a 1-star rating on the app store alone is enough to say that Facebook can use some improvements on the app.

However, Facebook noticed the lack of thumbs up from the small business community and so they came to the conclusion that perhaps the apps needs some rehashing in order to serve its business users better, which they did.

Facebook continues to release app UI updates

As of this writing, Facebook’s latest app version varies per device, but which caters to various languages for business users all over the world, including English, Danish, Russian and so many other primary languages.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod, as much as it is compatible with android phones.

Facebook doesn’t update as much, but when it does, it makes sure it has something new to show to business users, which they would enjoy and utilise for their day to day business marketing needs.

Defining Facebook’s user interface

If you look at it closely, Facebook has a simple system and tools for small business owners, yet they are powerful at the same time. You can contact potential customers on Facebook using their messenger app, it corroborates posts, news, and advertising center in one single dashboard, and it lets you enhance your own business page while reaching out to more potential customers, all while widening your brand’s reach.

Facebook has such an interactive platform that it encourages small business owners to participate and grow their digital brand presence though the social network.

Facebook is also very rewarding for small business owners who take advantage of its features and use the website to integrate other apps into it for their customers convenience. You can link your other business social media accounts into the network, to widen and grow your audience, all while accessing and easily connecting your business to other alternative social platforms.

Facebook UI Lesson 2

Facebook teaches us UI lessons

In business, it all lies on the business owners personal determination to prove something of their idea and that it can be realised. Facebook was born out of young minds’ ideas and it earned its spot in the market, due to simply one thing – innovation.

If not for its creators innovations and perseverance to succeed, we wouldn’t be so hooked on this engaging, powerful and interactive platform for our digital business marketing needs and no one would take advantage of its powerful features.

For an app that lets you post business status updates and photos, it’s more than a friendly interface; it encourages relationships to be built. Due to its flexibility towards customers, it can be used to great advantage by entrepreneurs to get closer to their target audience and to have a better relationship with them, resulting in increased leads generated and sales. Now that’s a good system to undertake to improve one’s marketing skills.

Facebook is an interactive platform that lets people communicate with each other and use the app not just to post random pictures or statuses, but to build relationships as well.

Facebook’s user interface teaches us that a simple system can benefit us more, simply by being a UI friendly application. By being constantly updated to serve small business owners better and to ensure quality engagement among users.

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