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What UI lessons can we learn from eBay?

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

eBay UI Lessons 1

eBay is a giant company whose users and buyers frequent it regularly due to its convenience, layout and functional user interface. Other than that, the UI is equally impressive with its minimalist style, clean layout, and intelligent platform.

To dig deeper into it, let’s review how small business owners value eBay, how it impacts on their businesses and how easy and smooth its user interface actually is.

What lessons can we take away from eBay and what aspects of their user experience can we apply to our own businesses? Read on for more information.

What is eBay for small business owners?

For small business owners, eBay is an online store where they can sell their products to a wide variety of consumers.

Selling on eBay is both a means to earn a profit and a means to make money out of passion and pre-owned collectibles.

Any entrepreneur or business-minded person can refurbish old items and make them look as new again to sell on eBay and make money out of it.

Selling on eBay is also an effective way for business owners to drive traffic to their website and generate leads from their customers and create additional sales.

What is eBay’s current UI?

Looking at eBay’s website, you will notice that visuals are everything. Consumers get attracted with visuals easily especially if it shows a picture of a product they like and would most likely buy.

eBay has a lot of categories to choose from and customers will not run out of goods to look at and consider buying.

From gadgets to kitchenware to home fixtures, eBay has it all. What’s more, they always have discounts on a number of items.

eBay’s user interface is simple. The website is minimalist and is fun in the visual design department, as much as it is simple on the buttons on the website.

eBay shows a number of featured collections on their landing page with a picture of the product, a short description, and some details of how many items are available per product.

As well as how much the price range is, and a Call To Action button that would encourage customers to “Shop Now”. Clicking the button would bring shoppers to a new page with more related products in it.

eBay UI Lessons 2

UI lessons we can learn from eBay

eBay’s UI was made with their users in mind. This is practical because the users are the ones who will maximise the use of the website, which in turn helps their small business users.

Looking at eBay’s website, we can see that it is quite simple and straightforward to use, so it’s easy for a customer to navigate the pages and look for the product that is needed.

For business owners, the site design and UI gives them a chance to be featured prominently and gain more views and clicks to their own eBay page.

From eBay, we can learn that less is more and simplicity brings more value when you only show what the customers want and need to see.

eBay doesn’t have many ads on its website, thus, it eliminates unnecessary information for customers and consumes less space.

eBay took its business to a whole new level by not applying a flamboyant style to their website and sticking to minimalism and simplicity instead.

By purpose of design, eBay’s UI is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Customers can easily look through categories of products they want to purchase and see other related products at the same time. In a nutshell, we learn from eBay that a good first impression is everything and visuals play a big role in enticing customers to purchase your products.

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