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What UI lessons can we learn from Amazon?

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

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Amazon pretty much looks the same way it did 10 years ago when it was originally launched, but have customers outgrown its look and style or consistency is really the key to an everlasting relationship with your users?

In this article, we’ll discover how Amazon has managed to pull off its consistent website design over the years, how its UI benefits users, and what lessons we can learn from Amazon’s own user interface.

Amazon’s current UI

Amazon is a clean shopping website where consumers can freely look up products of their liking, read informative reviews and make a purchase.

It doesn’t take much to see all the content available in this online store because, technically speaking, it uses a clear and simple UI.

It is a straightforward, simple, and intuitive user interface. It lets users search for what they are looking for and even encourages them to sign up to look for items securely and smoothly.

Any website’s interface greatly affects a user’s experience. When a user understands how a website works, that person will be more interested in learning the features and explore the digital store more.

Potential customers are more pleased when the shopping experience is convenient, which Amazon aims to do by keeping track of their customers’ searches, browsers, and purchase history.

In doing so, Amazon shows their users product content that is relevant and which fit their personal needs and wants.

Benefits of Amazon’s UI to sellers

Amazon’s UI was built with its users in mind. Amazon’s website is easy to navigate and you don’t have to be tech savvy to browse on it.

For product sellers this is an advantage for their business, as consumers would find it easier to browse a company’s products on Amazon.

Business owners will have one less problem to deal with this way since Amazon is already intuitive and small business owners no longer need to teach their users how to browse their own products on the website.

Overall, Amazon’s website is user-friendly and convenient to use for both consumers and small business owners.

The products are easy to browse and products are visible thanks to the streamlined UI design so that customers can see them clearly.

Amazon UI Lessons 2

Lessons on UI we can learn from Amazon

Amazon is visual with its images and graphics, and for most users, this is a good thing.

Reading lengthy descriptions for every item can be time-consuming and what’s a better way to replace it but with images?

In reality, images are much more enticing than words, especially if it shows users exactly what they want and need.

From Amazon’s UI, we can learn that users are important and that they should be the focal point of any business’s digital strategy.

Aside from the simple aesthetic of Amazon’s website, it demonstrates a secure shopping experience for consumers and a safe transaction area for small business owners, looking to bill their users through the website.

Like any other online store, Amazon strives to offer what would entice potential customers. A simple text font and a clean background are the beginning of what is clearly a crowd favorite in the market.

Consumers are free to choose what kind of product they want and the website itself even shows the best deals that would best be relevant to the customers choice.

In a nutshell, users were highly considered when building the overall functionality and UI of the website and it’s the precise reason why customers are always going back to Amazon for their online purchases.

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