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Attention! Coding Ninjas is becoming Lemon.io. And we bet you’re going to fall in love with our new brand! We’ll continue to support all existing CodingNinjas clients on this website until further updates. New here? Go straight to Lemon.
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August 2020
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We’re rebranding. CodingNinjas is now Lemon.io

Ksenia LarinaKsenia Larina

It’s exciting for us to finally come out with these news!

We’ve been working on the rebranding of CodingNinjas for quite a while now.

When our company was started by Aleksandr Volodarsky, back in 2016, it was more of an experiment. A lucky incident, if you’d say. Four years ago, our co-founder was asked for a little help finding an appropriate freelance developer for a friend’s web agency. It was then that he realized that traditional freelance platforms don’t work anymore, and saw a way to improve them.

The entire venture at first was run through Gmail and an Excel table, then — a DIY WordPress website. The team grew, we were busy perfecting our talent acquisition, vetting processes, matching algorithms and learning how to spot and solve the potential project delivery bottlenecks before they even appear.

Our tiny team was entirely focused on improving the product and service, and those efforts were fueled by our quite significant growth over the years. Our business mainly grew through referrals, which is always a good sign.

Now, four years later, with much more confidence and knowing that we indeed do a good job, and ready to disrupt the market with a better hiring alternative and great remote talent, we’ve decided that it’s a good time to rethink our core values and philosophy.

During that process, we’ve come to the conclusion, that the CodingNinjas brand that’s been with us for the last three years no longer represents everything we stand for, and decided it was the time to shed the old skin and reveal our new evolved identity:

CodingNinjas rebrands into Lemon.io

You can learn more about our new brand, and how it’s different from CodingNinjas on our new website: Lemon.

The main difference is that we are shifting to a very narrow focus on startups and helping them in their search for the extra hands they lack in their development teams. Also, we are going to be working only with part-time and full-time offshore developers and web designers.

From this moment, we will start gradually transferring CodingNinjas’ current clients to Lemon, making an exception for those clients who need occasional smaller fixes and help with one-off projects. They will still be working with CodingNinjas now.

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