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Using email automation to increase B2C sales for small business owners

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Business owners regardless of the size of their company have long used email automation to attract more consumers, implement a nurturing process and convert them into leads. Thus, this is not a completely new marketing process in the business world. However recent studies have shown that only 35% of businesses are actually equipped with an automated email software solution.

Despite this unpopular belief, email automation is still a great way to grow B2C (business-to-consumer) leads and sales as a small business. Not only do you get to keep in touch with your customer base regularly, you can also keep them up to date and informed with your latest offers use automation to streamline your sales funnel, to increase overall revenue.


MailChimp software helps with email automation

MailChimp is a powerful email software that enables more than 8 million small business owners around the world to manage their email automation needs and deliver content to their subscribers.

This email software suite is packed full of useful features which business owners can utilise to strengthen their outbound email marketing. All of your automation needs are taken care of including but not limited to; mail list management, newsletter management, subscribe/unsubscribe functionality and click-through tracking.

Benefits of MailChimp software:

Email Marketing Facts

Why automation of email marketing is important

In a nutshell, email automation enables you to automatically send out emails to your subscribers either with one off communications or through an auto-responder series. No matter whether it is to welcome new subscribers to your website, to thank them for their purchase or to notify them of new alerts. It is much more practical than typing our an email whenever a new user subscribes or when a customer makes a purchase.

Another benefit of using email automation is that it enables you to showcase your business’s creative side by allowing you create your own email templates in a few easy steps. MailChimp has a drag-and-drop editor that allows users to easily drag a photo, text or a combination of both during the template design process. This functionality allows you to stand out from the competition and be unique with your designs.

Most importantly though, email automation lets you create a detailed consumer profile that will help you to target your potential customers much better, in comparison with manual email sending. With your business website or blog linked to your automated email sending software, it allows you to focus on improving your campaigns while spending less time on manual emailing.

Using email automation to increase B2C sales for small business owners: focus on improving your campaigns and target your potential customers.

MailChimp is easily one of the most recognised email automation software tools currently on the market in 2016, if not the most recognised. It has more than 8 million small, medium and enterprise users and this number is still growing rapidly.

Overall, MailChimp is a versatile software tool that will enable you to better manage your emails and audience profile management. It has a lot of features that can help with your customer, and in essence allows you leave the mundane manual email sending to them, while you focus on your business and on your customers.

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