MARCH 05, 2016


Use cloud based accounting software to streamline your financial reporting

Written by: Aleksandr Volodarsky

Kashoo 1

When we talk about digital online businesses, we often think of marketing schemes, advertising stints, target market, and even pop-up ads online. What most budding entrepreneurs often overlook are the finer details of writing a financial report to support your small business sales and prove accountability over your business actions.

However, it doesn’t have to be so hard or complicated like some business owners show it to be. Creating your business’s financial report can be done in a breeze when you plan ahead and use an online cloud based software.

In this following article, you will learn how convenient and practical it is to meet your financial reporting needs, all while using a cloud-based accounting software.

Kashoo cloud-based software

Kashoo is a cloud-based accounting software that provides you with anything that your small business may need, which relates to accounting. From bookkeeping to payroll integration even to reporting backups. In using cloud-based software such as this, there’s no more hassle of keeping several reports for your reference, you can just organise everything in one central online location.

For entrepreneurs that are just starting up their digital business, creating business reports is just one part of the entire business process. Kashoo makes it more convenient for business owners by letting them set up their reports, but without the need for any technical or accounting expertise.

Kashoo 2

Kashoo’s Accounting Services

Creating invoices are now made much easier by just choosing an invoice template that is appropriate for your client. The invoice pages contain all of the details that you need to input to make an invoice, such as the date, your customers name, the terms or payment account and the description of service.

This SaaS also helps you to track your business expenses in real time and by simply scanning the receipt from your recent purchase by using your smartphone. It immediately is filed to the expenditure account it needs to be in so that you don’t have to worry when filing your tax return the next time around. With this amazing feature, there’s no more need to keep so many receipts at a time and calculate everything manually, saving your time and eliminating wasted resources.

You will also be able to generate a profit and loss overview with a cleanly designed graph chart for visualisation, enabling you to study your business’s statistics faster and easier. There’s no more guessing with numbers, just real-time proof of your business’s success, or need for improvement.

Bank reconciliation can be the most detailed and often strenuous part of your financial reporting, but there’s no reason to fret when you have Kashoo to help you get by. Kashoo’s Bank Statement Reconciliation is easy, fast, and automatic. It also syncs automatically with thousands of local banks worldwide, for your convenience.

With an accounting software as powerful as Kashoo, your financial reports will be ready for financing, reporting, and forecasting whenever you need them.

Kashoo helps you to create a fast turnaround for all your financial reports with its powerful features and rapid financial analysis, organisation, management, and real-time calculations. From entering your receipts, calculating your expenses, creating an invoice for your clients, to concluding everything in a financial statement.

With Kashoo, streamlining your financial reporting is made more convenient and practical for busy entrepreneurs like you, so that you can focus on your business and let Kashoo handle all your financial reporting duties.

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