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Top 7 reasons for you to hire Ukrainian developers

Andrey ZagorodniyAndrey Zagorodniy

Ukrainian IT industry on the rise

Throughout recent decades, outsourcing in the IT industry has become extremely popular. There are many reasons why American companies prefer to hire freelance web developers or software developers abroad, but one of the most significant is cost efficiency.

High costs of living and salaries in the United States make hiring North American devs rather expensive. On the other hand, if you run a big and complex project with increased security requirements, you might hesitate to hire in the regions such as India or Indonesia. The costs of living are lower (and, respectively, the freelancers’ hourly rates), but finding a qualified expert there can take quite some time.

So, what should you do?

The answer is, “Look somewhere in between the East and the West.” Namely, in Ukraine. Its IT industry has been on the rise lately, and the popularity of Ukrainian web and software developers is likely to keep growing.

Coding Ninjas have been on the market long enough to earn a reputation of an agency which selects only the best of the best software developers available. We’ve been helping our clients to find and hire great pros from Eastern Europe for a while, and we discovered that in the majority of cases our clients are extremely satisfied when hiring namely Ukrainian developers. This, as well as the number of reasons listed below, influenced our decision to focus on collaborating with developers from Ukraine in roughly 80% of cases.  

Let’s take a closer look at what this country has to offer.

High ratings

Ukrainian developers regularly take top places in all kinds of ratings.

For example, HackerRank puts Ukrainian developers on the 11th place (out of 50) in its chart of the best developers in the world.

developers rankings by country stats

Daxx put Ukraine on the 8th place in its list of the Top 10 countries with the best developers.

best developers by country - daxx stats

Topcoder published the chart of countries whose software developers have the highest rankings. In it, Ukraine occupies the 6th place out of 32. The chart looks credible and is based on some solid math.

According to the UADN report, Ukraine is prized in a number of outsourcing rankings, as well as in global innovations and leading research firms rankings.

In other words,  the intermediate conclusion we can make so far is that Ukrainian developers are worth your trust and money.

A seething IT center

According to the State of European Tech 2018 report, Ukraine is the home for more than 185,000 qualified IT specialists and is the 4th in the world by the number of tech workers.

The country is known for the immense quantity of all kinds of R&D activities taking place on its territory. N-IX claims that there are more than 100 research and development offices of companies such as Boeing, Siemens, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, etc., located in Ukraine. This is not to mention over 1000 software development companies, a plethora of IT schools, NGOs, and private IT organizations operating in this country.

Among the industry events regularly occurring in Ukraine, one should mention:

and many others.

The ongoing growth of the IT industry

Within just one year, the volume of the exports of Ukrainian IT products and services grew by almost $1 billion. In 2017, the industry generated an impressive $3.6 billion, and in 2018 this figure equaled $4.5 billion. Given that this tendency is going on and on, it is safe to assume that in the nearest future the demand on Ukrainian developers will only go up.

As we can see, software development is something Ukraine is globally prized and famous for. And here’s why.

Reasons to hire Ukrainian developers

Time Zone

ukrainian developers time zones

When planning the project and coordinating your work with freelancers, time zones often bring in additional confusion. Being only 1 hour ahead of the majority of the European countries, Ukrainian working day mostly coincides with the working day in Western and Central Europe. If you live in the United States, Ukrainian +2 GMT is still easy to reckon with. Just keep in mind that American morning is Ukrainian evening.

In other words, the time zone Ukraine is located in allows establishing working hours which are comfortable for both clients and developers.

English language

Regular and clear communication is probably one of the most important factors for a project’s success. When a developer understands what you want from them, they are able to do the job quicker and more precisely. When you understand what a developer tells you, you become aware of the possible roadblocks and complications when it is not too late to fix them.

This is why high proficiency with the English language is so important when working with freelance software developers. Unlike many professionals from countries like India or Pakistan, Ukrainian developers mostly speak good English. According to the statistics, about 54% of women and 43% of men working in the IT industry in Ukraine speak English on upper-intermediate level or higher. The overall percentage of English-speaking developers is shown in the graph below.

english proficiency among Ukrainian developers stats

Western mentality and work ethics

You won’t face any culture-related complications when working with Ukrainian developers. Religious or public holidays will not obstruct the progress on your project. Besides, Ukrainian mentality is Western mentality: productivity, work ethics, and personal reputation are highly valued and cherished by the Ukrainian devs. They put a lot of effort into creating reliable software, and are personally interested in maintaining the high quality of their work.

Ukrainian government actively supports the IT industry, and the talent pool of competent developers grows exponentially. Due to the innate spirit of enterprise and creativity, Ukrainians are often eager to work for big world-famous companies. IT and software development allows them to participate in global processes and achieve self-realization without having to leave their home country.

Diversity of skills

Considering the popularity of the IT-related professions in Ukraine, you are right to expect a wide range of available skill sets on the market. Indeed, Ukrainian developers display proficiency in a number of disciplines.

According to the statistics regarding the popularity of coding languages among the devs, 26% of Ukrainian developers work with Java. 15% are skilled in C#, whereas JavaScript and PHP are popular with 13% of developers each. Python is popular with 8% of developers.

Other technologies favored by Ukrainian software engineers include Unity 3D, C++, Scala, Magento, Ruby, and Node.js

most popular programming languages in Ukraine


Software developers in Ukraine charge approximately $30-50 per hour. This is an average figure, as actual prices depend on a developer’s experience, specialization, and the city they are based in.

Here are the average hourly rates developers collaborating with Coding Ninjas work for.

Ukrainian developers hourly rates

Geographic location

If you prefer to discuss project details with the developers you hired in person, you will be happy to know that Ukraine is just a couple of hours away from Western European countries. For example, a flight from London to Kyiv will only take 3 hours 25 minutes. Flying from New York to Kyiv will take 10 hours and 40 minutes, which is still faster than if you hired a development team based in Asia. Besides, the time difference sometimes works in unexpectedly beneficial ways. Working day in Ukraine begins earlier, so when an American client wakes up there is already some finished work waiting for them.

Availability of skilled freelancers

Ukraine is a talented country, and IT industry is probably one of the best illustrations to this thesis. The number of skilled software developers is huge, and the number of those who are currently studying is even greater.

Coding Ninjas work to provide you with the services of seasoned professionals. To select the best of the best ones, we developed a special multi-stage vetting procedure.

The vetting process is a sequence of tests and checks each of the freelance developers applying to work with us must undergo. Our freelance acquisition managers usually guide each candidate through the following checks:

After the candidate successfully passes all of the steps, we add them to our talent pool and assign them to customer projects.

If you ever gave a thought to hiring a Ukrainian developer, contact Coding Ninjas. We mostly hire developers from Eastern Europe, particularly from Ukraine. When hiring from us, you can expect high quality for reasonable prices.

Give us a try, and see for yourself.

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