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Top 5 Best Freelance Websites to Hire a Developer

Ksenia LarinaKsenia Larina

How to choose the top freelance websites to work with?

Choosing a freelance network can be just as tricky as hiring the right person for your position. If you’ve never done this before, then there are a few details to know about the most popular websites to hire freelance developers. And if you’re looking for an alternative solution to go with instead the company you’ve been working before, this list of the best freelance programming sites may give you some valuable information that will help you make the right choice for your business.

Coding Ninjas

coding ninjas freelance platform

Wouldn’t be fare not to mention our own business, right? Coding Ninjas is a marketplace of vetted freelance developers. Before any new developer gets to work with us, they have to pass a 3-step vetting process that proves they are eligible to work with our international clients. We test them for English-proficiency, communication skills, and of course code quality to ensure they are indeed professional developers who know English well enough to be able to work directly with the client, understand all the expectations and requirements on their tasks and communicate accordingly.

Coding Ninjas will help you find developers perfect for your project, no matter how big or small it is. In most cases, we are able to find you a programmer in 24 hours or less since your initial request. Every project gets an initial estimate, and you don’t pay until we find you the developer you approve and start working with.

We also offer a live support and guarantee the quality of the work done. This, and all the features mentioned above makes Coding Ninjas a great website to hire programmers.




toptal freelance website

Toptal is one of the biggest freelance networks that offers pre-vetted developers, designers, and financials. They’ve been around since 2010 focusing on matching independent programmers with mostly corporate clients. A few things that distinguish Toptal from the other best freelancing websites is that they offer their clients a trial period for every freelancer which lasts up to two weeks, and only after that, the regular contract starts to apply. If the client doesn’t like their assigned developer they are free to try 4 others to see if any of them would work for their project.

Toptal’s vetting process is quite complicated and includes code review, English and personality tests. But such a demanding approach has some negative side-effects: the Toptal’s hourly rates are quite high, and if they don’t have a developer you need, they can leave you hanging for over a month. Overall, Toptal may be the best choice for their primary target audience – big corporate clients but probably won’t work for smaller companies and individual clients.




upwork freelance website

Upwork is a love-child born from the Elance and oDesk merge. It’s a giant freelance marketplace, where you can always find someone willing to do your task, no matter what it is. The main difference of Upwork from the other options listed in our article is the freelancers’ pool and the mechanics of choosing a candidate. Upwork is a generic platform, meaning that they don’t specialize in any particular field and are not focused enough to build up an expertize in managing successful cooperations between clients and developers.

Another key difference is that Upwork is a bidding platform: once you post your project, it becomes visible to every registered freelancer on Upwork, and they all can apply for your task offering a bid – the price for which they are ready to do the job. This algorithm has its advantages – it results in higher competition and lower prices in the end. On the other hand, since Upwork doesn’t offer any vetting process, you can’t know for sure whether the freelancers who offer the lower rates would be able to provide the quality work or not, and therefore need to spend much more time on finding an interviewing the candidates.




codeable freelance platform

Focused on providing WordPress-only freelance developers, Codeable is overall a great service in its niche that deserves its’ place in our list of best freelance developer websites. Codeable also has a vetting process for freelancers who apply to join the platform. Every developer will have to pass a code quality test and live interviews and will also undergo a 45-days trial period to prove they are able to live up to the expectations.

Like with Upwork, you will have to post your project description that can be seen by any freelancer from the network. Interested in completing your job developers will then provide an estimation and you will be able to pick the person whose offer you find to be the best. Another feature available on Codeable is a consultation: you can hire an expert to spend an hour with you to help you find the right solution for your project. Such session can be really helpful for the non-tech clients who are not certain about the right framework to choose when hiring a developer. The prices for a consultation start off with around $60 per hour.



Hubstaff Talent

hubstaff talent freelance

Hubstaff’s primary business is a time-tracking software designed for managing and monitoring the remote employees. Naturally, they are interested in boosting the cooperation between companies and freelancers that helps growing their audience. Hubstaff Talent is one service that helps them expanding the market.

Contrary to all the above-mentioned websites, Hubstaff doesn’t have any matching algorithm, bidding system or vetting process. Instead, any freelancer can sign up and list their profile along with all the relevant information about their professional skills and competencies among others, and clients are free to browse and hire any developer they’re interested in.

Hubstaff doesn’t charge either clients or freelancers for using their platform, which may sound quite tempting. But, of course, that also means that there’s no guarantee or money-back policy in case you’re not satisfied with the end result. So, if you’re not qualified enough to recruit the right person for your developer position, Hubstaff Talent may be not the best site to hire freelancers.



Best freelance websites comparison

For those looking for a side-by-side comparison, we couldn’t think of a better way to deliver and round up all the info on our top freelance websites than a table:

Coding Ninjas Toptal Upwork Codeable Hubstaff Talent
Generic or Niche? Developers only Developers, Designers, Financials Generic WordPress developers only Generic
Vetted developers Yes Yes No Yes No
Upfront payment No 500,00 $ No No No
Free estimation Yes Yes Yes Yes, or $60+ consultation No
Support Yes Yes Limited Yes No
Quality guarantee Yes Yes No Yes No
Prices $ $$$ Vary $$ Vary
Matching process Yes Yes No No No
Technologies supported All All All WordPress only All
Best for: Small to Medium-sized companies Big companies, enterprises Minor immediate tasks Small or one-time tasks Tech-savvy teams looking for specific skill-sets and able to interview a candidate themselves

At Coding Ninjas we strive to provide the best service for every business that comes to us for a solution. If you think that we might be a good match according to your needs, don’t hesitate any longer and request your free quote right now!

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