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This is Why You’re Not Getting Published

Mary A. GraceMary A. Grace

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably doing a lot of your own SEO. From plugging pages in search, to trying to write on relevant, high ranking guest blogs in your niche and getting on non-spammy local directories you are probably hitting everything you can. While perfecting your site, and getting on local directories are vital parts of your SEO marketing, guest posting might be the hardest beast for a small business owner to crack into.

Stay Active on Social Media

Keeping yourself active and up to date is vital when online. You do not have to take off your bathrobe, or let the sun hit your eyes, even if you’re living on nothing but molten java, which may not be too awful for you, just keep yourself up to date and active online. Your blog and social media bring attention to you, unless you are one of those people who just can’t get Twitter, they give a sampling of your flavor, and are the easiest billboard to speak on. Do not let your social media and blog suffer, even if you are taking a sabbatical, set up things to auto-post, or set a goal to at least post pictures of your vacation on your social media sites.

If you don’t already have a twitter, facebook, or blog to promote, get one, even if you only go on it to look at weird pictures of cats on twitter, or to gather comebacks for rainy days.

Study up

You might be the best writer in your niche this world has ever had the glory to behold. Your writing is the writing that is on the wall and represents all the fears that the future holds for your field.

Even if you are the master wordsmith, you are trying to utilize two mediums here (both writing and technology) when writing for other blogs. If you have the cash for it, taking classes at your community college is helpful if you are extremely behind, but it your technical skills are just shy of organized, taking a free MMOC is helpful in your off time, or brushing up on your Excel skills. Staying organized will get your material out there, especially if you are consistent with your outreach.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to write. The crowded inboxes of many webmasters fill up with a thousand other posters and black hat SEO-ers trying to write for a top-notch blog. Resending outreach, and trying again is vital for success. Try humanizing your follow-up as much as possible by removing any links, referring to other blog posts, and explaining why what you want to write about will add value to their blog. 30-40% of my initial contact with webmasters comes from my second or third outreach attempts, keeping track of your emails, when you sent them, and how many times you’ve reached out is of the utmost importance. By mastering the technology available, or learning some new Excel tricks, you can cut down your outreach time, get in touch better with webmasters, and spend more time doing what you really love: writing.

Only Dead Fish Always Swim With the Current

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Okay. Not always swimming, but maybe like an hour a day, or even a half-hour a day, you should be outreaching new guest posts to find prospective blogs to guest write for. It might seems hard to get motivated and randomly reach out to authoritative blogs, but you are an authority in the industry yourself. Here are some words of motivation from a few entrepreneurs to keep you going.

If guest writing is your focus, and you would like to be recognized as an authoritative voice in your field, finding new people to write for is paramount. Even successful businesses need to, on average, replace about 10% of their clientele on a regular basis, and so even when you are up to your gills, barely swimming in all the writing you have to do, taking a pause, and outreach new sites. It will give you space to explore the niche, prepare you for the quieter writing times up ahead, and give you some ideas on what to write about.
While guest blogging for your business can be difficult, it’s an exceptional way to get traffic back to your site and give your business more authority. Activity on your social media staying organized, and staying consistent are all signs of life that will only assist your guest blogging attempts.

Mary Grace lives in the beautiful Boise, Idaho. She loves hiking, skiing, and exploring human interactions. Tweet her @marmygrace, or email her directly at marmgrace(@) gmail (dot) com.

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