SEPTEMBER 26, 2015


Top 5 Newsletter Services

Written by: Elya Galperina

Image Credit: Splitshire

You have just created a blog on WordPress or started noticing that the site you have for quite some time is being viewed by more and more people and you want to keep them updated with your new posts, ask for feedback or have any other personalized form of communication.

At this point, you are trying to look for the best Email Service Provider and find yourself a bit confused with the numerous plugins you can choose for the purpose of communication with your readers by sending emails. Most likely you will stick to the most popular one, but what if it’s not the best available option and in some time you will have to switch to another service with no possibility to transfer created lists. It’s better to choose the best one from the start.

I know how tiring and frustrating can be the research, especially when all of them at first glance seem to be the same. To save your time and energy I have compared 5 of the most top rated ESPs: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, Vertical Response, Constant Contact and here is what I found out.

All of them provide you with basic features such as free templates, social media integration, tracking tools, etc. What is more precious is what can make you choose one of them from the rest. If you simply compare the prices you’ll see that for under 2000 subscribers you can use MailChimp for free, sending up to 12000 emails per month as long as you don’t want any additional features. For as little as 10 $ a month you can get automation, delivery by time zone, email and chat support, and some other extras.

With up to 2500 subscribers and up to 12500 emails per month, you can have Campaign Monitor for 29$ or send unlimited emails with priority mail support for 59 USD.

AWeber will cost you 29$ for the same up to 2500 subscribers including a full suite of features they are offering and unlimited emails. They provide a free 30 days trial, though you will need to type in your credit card details.

Vertical Response can please you with their free plan for up to 1000 contacts and up to 4000 emails per month. For 33$ with Basic or 48$ with Pro plan, you will be able to increase the number of contacts up to 2500.

And finally, after finishing your 60 days free trial (no credit card required) with Constant Contract, you can switch for 35 or 60 USD plans for the same 2500 subscribers. All of these ESPs have a discount for nonprofits and «pay as you go» tariffs.

If that was no help in making your decision, I’ll provide you with the results of my research based on thousands of users’ references.

Basic, simple and easy to use MailChimp has quite a few disadvantages, some of them are obvious like that many features are not included in the free version or inability to contact customer service until you pay, others more specific like difficulties with editing and updating templates, complaints that duplicate emails can not be identified across different lists, inability to send the same email to different groups. And a common suggestion to use MailChimp if you have less than 20 000 subscribers.

The most advanced platform of the 5 is Campaign Monitor which was determined by users as easy to use with great support. Though it has no free trial, the most negative thing i found among very specific inconsiderable remarks was the strict anti-spam policy. How bad can that be?

Aweber can be the leader in reliable deliverability, but after a recent software update, a lot of users complain about its complexity, confusing process of creating and sending emails and lack of explanation and tutorials. You can always contact customer support for help though.

Vertical Response turned out to be the best for small nonprofits with their free plan, but at the same time slow and with a limited number of features.

Constant Contact was praised for variety and easy use of templates if you have an access to the paid image library but suspected in shady billing practices.

As you can see there are a lot of pros and cons to be considered before choosing your own ESP and you should double check the features you will get with your plan after pressing the alluring «get started» button.

By the way, if you have any trouble while using the services, no will to deepen into their specifications or something just simply goes wrong we at CodingNinjas are always ready to fix that for you.

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