Release announcement – April 2017

This has been an amazing month at Coding Ninjas and thank you for being a part of it.

We work hard to improve your experience of getting coding done. Here are the new features that would be useful.

Invite people to manage your account

Now you can invite your co-workers to manage your Coding Ninjas account. They can add tasks on your behalf and communicate with developers.

NB: You can only invite a person whose email is not registered with Coding Ninjas.



Instant sales receipts

Starting this month, you’ll get the receipt for your payment instantly, instead of waiting for it until the end of the month.

Please, update your billing information on your profile page.


Easy to view billing history

It became much easier to track your expenses on Coding Ninjas. You can filter the records by type, date, website, and see total when filtering.


We continue to improve

If you have any ideas on improvements, please reach out to us via website chat or email. We are glad to hear you out

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