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Introduction to HTML5 for Mobile App Development

Michael MiraMichael Mira


More likely than not, your web host is using HTML5 templates. Popular web hosts like Squarespace and Wix use HTML5 because they are a hybrid of good old HTML and Flash. The only difference is that HTML5 is sleeker and more dynamic than basic HTML websites and is not dependent on Adobe Flash Player.

In a previous article, we talked about optimizing your website to be mobile-friendly. Now it’s time to step it up a notch by utilizing the benefits of HTML5 for mobile app developing. But before you dive into the world of HTML5 apps, it’s wise to know its pros and cons. This way, you’ll be able to decide whether it’s a right fit for your projects.

The Pros

HTML5 is quickly becoming common in mobile application developing. In fact, many companies are turning to HTML5 because it’s not only much simpler to work with than Flash, but it’s also less costly to develop.

There number of HTML5 development frameworks are increasing, such as Ionic.

Using HTML5 or Hybrid HTML5 for mobile app developing is a great option if you’re working across multiple platforms.

– One of the benefits of HTML5 is that you only have a single code base to maintain. This also means that you only have one package to deploy with. You can fix bugs and deliver updates easily and quickly.

The Cons

– HTML5 still has security risks—threats which all web apps share—so you have to keep cyberattacks in mind, as well as hackers accessing via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

– There are issues with accessing native APIs.

– HTML5 apps work best when it’s not too heavy and simple. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to develop something more complex, because it could cause performance issues.

So, do you think HTML5 and Hybrid HTML5 will work for you? My advice is if you’re a small organization and want to develop a simple, lightweight mobile app, then you should consider using this language. It’s easy to use and maintain, so if you’re just beginning to get into developing, play around with HTML5 using a framework like Ionic to see if it works out.

Michael Mira is a writer, photographer and web designer based in Houston. He was born in Manila, and grew up in New York City and Texas.

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