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How Your Business Can Automate The Lead Tracking And Nurturing Process

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Manual outreach processes are outdated and the most important marketing technology today which small business owners can take advantage of, are ones which operate via a CRM (Customer Relation Management). Even if you are working with several thousand leads a month or only one hundred, a CRM is a must in the automation of your marketing technology arsenal. A CRM is heavily integrated within the product of most of the SaaS companies, which provide their software services to business owners.

Salesforce, although on the more expensive end of the spectrum, is one of the biggest cloud CRM software providers in the world. Valuable integration’s with high technology based software products like Exacttarget, Pardot and Marketo are offered by Salesforce.


These software products are the key products that small business owners and larger company’s are more likely to use now or in the future, as increased automation is contributing to increased competition in the market. Although Salesforce provides a lot of flexibility to configure, its user interface is not the easiest to work with.

Another top name in cloud based CRM SaaS providers is of Agile CRM. It is innovative and surpasses other SaaS providers in regular lead tracking and management, allowing business owners to increase their lead funnel and tracking automation.

Social media monitoring and web engagement tools are also inclusive in its internal features.

Getting the data is just the basic step. The real battle starts after getting the data, when this data is used to drive conversions. The procedure begins with mapping the sales cycle of a company, identifying different touch-points and finding the opportunities for follow-ups. Depending on the kind of business one runs, the next step is automating the follow-ups.

In an average SaaS scenario, a company has 30 days or less to get a user engaged and converted. Conversions can be significantly improved by sending a series of well-planned emails, on an automated schedule during the period, depending upon the activity pattern of the user.

Keep in mind the existing engagement of the user and customize the email follow up plan with the product before sending the emails, by using the activity data of the account.

For example, Following up with a demo suggestion is a good idea if the user account has not registered any trigger activity. If the user of your business product is not using the software to the best of their ability or has not had the time to fully use the product in line with preset benchmark  expectations, your CRM will be able to auto-notify you of this.

It is always possible to set up such a rule based email campaigns on your own but considering the option some email marketing automation solutions is always worth a try.

Supporting the leads manually is outdated in this era, the must have marketing technology arsenal is a CRM. With the rapid advancement in marketing technologies, there are firms struggling to maintain their current sales from the previous year and what comes in handy is cloud based CRM technology.

Salesforce is a big name in the CRM software world which offers valuable integration’s with key software products. Another top SaaS CRM provider is the Agile CRM which has good marketing automation features that provide user on-boarding with rule-based emailing. It is preferable to try lead nurturing automation solutions as they are beneficial in user engagement and conversion.

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