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September 2020
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How to Write Facebook Posts That People Will Pay Attention To

Andrey ZagorodniyAndrey Zagorodniy

Why properly written Facebook posts matter

The answer is simple. There are over 2.3 billion active users visiting Facebook every day. Which means that potentially, you can advertise your business or whatnot to roughly one-third part of the human race.

Now, imagine yourself standing in front of 2 billion people, listening to you mumble something like, “Uh, we’ve launched our thing, check us out, thank you.”  

This is you every time you publish a poorly composed Facebook post. When promoting yourself or your services, communication is important. Not only what you say matters, but also how you say it, and when.

With this in mind, let us proceed to some practical advice on writing Facebook posts.

Be concise, but meaningful

What do you do when you see a post that will take you longer than 30 seconds to read? Most likely, you scroll down. People may spend hours on Facebook, but they won’t dedicate this whole time to your post alone.

On the internet, you may find different recommendations on the length of Facebook posts. Studies suggest a perfect Facebook post should be 40 characters long.

Such posts usually work as teasers. You can insert a quote from an article you are promoting, a joke, or a brief comment like, “Look who’s talking.”   

Stick to the structure

When you want to throw in more details or interact with your audience, 40 characters may not be enough. In such cases, here at Coding Ninjas we write posts up to five sentences long, keeping them within the range of 30 to 60 words.

Such posts require proper structure.


This is the first sentence of the post. In it, we introduce the topic of the post in an engaging way. It can be a:

The main requirement is that the first sentence introduces the problem our target audience faces.


In this part, we show that Coding Ninjas are related to the particular issue raised in the first sentence, and how we can become a part of the solution.

Show your audience that it is you who can solve their problem or address their needs.


Or, in other words, CTA. Tell your readers exactly what they should do. If you want them to press the “Register” button, call to it. If you want them to follow the link and read an article – write precisely this. If you want to engage them into a discussion in comments, ask them for it.


Please, never post bulky links with all those % and // in them. Use services such as Google Shortener or Bitly to create neat short URLs. Also, make sure the article you are promoting has a nice title image because Facebook will usually display its thumbnail.

Match your writing style with your audience

Depending on your target audience, you will need to choose a specific “voice” in which your posts will be written.

There are no taboos: even exalted delight or depressive negativity can do the trick. The key here is expediency and the correspondence to your tone to your target audience.   

Play around

Creativity is not about originality, “thinking outside the box,” or deep metaphors. It is about the ability to find unexpected connections between things that are, on the first glance, unrelated. It is also about presenting habitual things in an unusual way.

Adapt a famous quote to your needs. Write a poem. If you are bad at poetry, write a deliberately horrible poem and point this out. Draw a comic strip and let its characters speak for you. Be the real person behind the post, with a name, biography, and mishaps: “I was drinking last night and missed the posting time today. Here’s how I got rid of a hangover in 5 minutes and wrote the post anyway (link)”.

Creativity is spontaneous. Take a break, watch a YouTube video, text your spouse, chat with a colleague. Play with thoughts and ideas that come to your head. Doodle in your sketchbook.

Good ideas attend relaxed minds.

Post on time, post regularly

This is not exactly a piece of writing advice, but still an important one. Try posting in non-peak hours, when your post is less likely to get lost among hundreds of other posts in people’s newsfeeds.

Non-peak hours may differ depending on your country, and even on a day of the week, so you might want to Google that info for your region specifically.

Also, keep in mind that it is crucial to post regularly. If your content is engaging and you post within the equal time intervals, people will start noticing your content and waiting for it to appear in their newsfeed.


Alas, it is impossible to predict all the ways in which large numbers of people consume information on Facebook. There are trends, there are general regularities. But the only real way for you to draw attention is to create high-quality content that people would want to share. This guide takes you through the basics: the rest is about your personal experience and practice.  

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