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How to use LiveChat to increase your SaaS product sales

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In business, having a live chat software embedded on your website can help boost your sales and create more customers. With technology’s innovation, this is one step closer to gaining the business success you have always aimed for. Let this article help you to learn how to best use LiveChat, to increase your SaaS product sales and to discover some of its features that your business and your customers can benefit from.

Live Chat Software for your business

LiveChat software enables your potential customers to literally chat live with your businesses customer care workers and front line support staff. In turn, this helps customers have their questions or concerns addressed quicker and smoother without waiting for a long time, which usually happens when they opt for communication via e-mail.

With LiveChat, your customers can direct their questions to your customer service personnel, which can help them to  understand how your product or service can better help them. LiveChat can be simply integrated into your website and be operational in only a short period of time. Often a built in tracker feature helps you monitor online traffic and launches pop-ups upon every website view while a click-to-chat-button is an optional feature which your customers can click on to chat with your personnel in real-time.

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How to increase your SaaS product sales using Live Chat

LiveChat software provides immediate assistance to your existing and potential future customers and is one step closer to improving your customer service processes. LiveChat helps you increase your SaaS product sales by allowing an unlimited number of users to utilise the click-to-chat button and for your business to provide support and help end users in real time.

In essence, LiveChat can also help you gather important information about your customers and use these details for future reference, as you grow your business and expand your line of products and services offered.

In a fast-paced world, immediate solutions to problems and queries should require minimal effort, but when dealt with correctly can boost sales of your SaaS products and increase revenue.

Features of the LiveChat Software

This software wouldn’t be complete without its additional features for better customer service. LiveChat is easy to embed on your website, has only two primary features which you need to embed to utilise the software and comes platform specific.

LiveChat works no matter the server your business website is hosted on and supports end-user questions from systems operating on Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

Furthermore, LiveChat stores chat transcripts on secure servers based in the cloud, so that customers’ information is at all times held secure and private.

As it’s a Software as a Service (or a SaaS), it is readily available for use within a few minutes upon registration, which is pretty helpful for small business owners just like you, who are always juggling different business tasks every day.

Increase sales with LiveChat

LiveChat is a software that you can use to increase your SaaS product sales by providing an immediate solution to your customers’ queries. LiveChat has a lot of features which you can utilise for your business and won’t leave your customers hanging or lost on your business website. Both the Tracker and Click-To-Chat Button features are helpful to monitor your page view’s progress and to cater to your customers needs when they ask for your help.


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