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How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Michael MiraMichael Mira

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for corporate brands, independent retailers and professionals, but few actually utilize it to its full potential. Sure, you can keep track of how much traffic your website is getting, but you can also increase your traffic by using the data. Here are 5 ways to use Google Analytics to boost you web traffic and turn them into sales conversion.

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1. Going Global

Google Analytics can identify the source of your traffic by location. Is your business catering to a certain region? Use the data to see if you’re hitting your target or if you’re trending in particular countries. For instance, if you’re a cellphone accessories retailer trying to break into the Chinese market but see that your product page is getting a lot of traffic from Dubai, then you can use this to develop a new marketing strategy.

2. Survival of the Fittest

In Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, he proposed that the strong survive whilst the weak die off. The same can be said about webpages. Google Analytics tell you which pages on your site are gaining the most and the least traffic. Concentrate on optimizing the less-trafficked pages or simply get rid of it.

3. Passers-By and Patrons

There are window shoppers and there are loyal customers who consistently return to your business. Convert the former into the latter. By utilizing Google Analytics, you can view returning customers and make sure they keep coming back by rewarding your patrons. This data can be a valuable asset to your marketing and sales departments.

4. Make a Great First Impression

Speaking of returning customers, you will see many different IP addresses or unique visitors viewing your website, but a good amount of them might never come back. Why? Because they had a bad first impression of your website. If you’re seeing a lot of one-time visitors on your Google Analytics dashboard, then it’s time to have a pow-wow with your design and copywriting team. If you can amaze them on the very first second they visit your site, then you will be able to keep their attention and have them come back for more.

5. Trend Report

Whether you’re selling products or services, Google Analytics can help you determine which ones are getting the most attention. If you’re getting a high sales conversion on a particular product, or visitors are simply viewing it more than other pages, then it’s best to feature them on the front page. Through different data sets in Google Analytics, you can see which ones are trending and even forecast the next big thing.

Whether you decide to use Google Analytics or another program such as Clicky and Gauges, the important thing to keep in mind is that intelligence will boost you ahead of the competition. We are in the era of data technology and learning how to use it effectively can determine whether your business sails or sink.

Michael Mira is a writer, photographer and web designer based in Houston. He was born in Manila, and grew up in New York City and Texas.

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