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How to List Your Business on Google Maps

Michael MiraMichael Mira

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Let’s face it, there are already tons of popular websites that serve consumer intelligence. Of course there is Yelp, which is probably one of the most visited review sites online. There is also Foursquare (Yelp’s somewhat older cousin). But when we’re talking about search results, the undisputed king is still Google.

Google is such a juggernaut that we take its power for granted. For instance, you may have an account on Yelp or have its app on your smartphone, but when you do a basic Google search—like, say, “Best taco trucks in Chicago”—the top results are not surprisingly on Google Maps. You get a listing, star reviews, an address and it’s already marked on Google Maps so you can get to that taco truck the quickest way possible (which comes in handy when you’re on lunch break at work).

This is not only great for consumers, but for businesses as well. If you think about it, everyone benefits: customers get valuable data and businesses get valuable customers. But you, as a business owner, can only benefit from this if you’re actually listed in Google My Business.

It’s a very simple process and I’m surprised that a lot of small business owners haven’t listed their companies yet. First, go to Google My Business and click on “Get on Google” on the front page.

If you believe your business is already listed on Google, then you can type in your company name and address on the search bar. If it’s already listed but not verified, you can simply do so through this platform.
Your business has not been listed yet? No problem. Simply click on the sandwich menu at the top left corner of the page and choose “Add a location” or “Add a brand page.”

Google My Business

Tip: you already use Gmail as the primary email address for your business, then most likely you already have a Google+ page set up.

Once you finish setting up your business location on Google My Business, you should be able to see your listing publicly. With the right SEO (search engine optimization) practices, you can even boost your business listing to the top of the page, but remember that nothing beats good customer service, which leads to stellar reviews.
If you have a WordPress-hosted website, you can even embed a Google Map plugin and create custom markers, so that your business will really stand out.

Michael Mira is a writer, photographer and web designer based in Houston. He was born in Manila, and grew up in New York City and Texas.

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