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How to Hire the Best Freelance Developer (Complete Guide)

Andrey ZagorodniyAndrey Zagorodniy

Hire Freelance Developers Wisely

Who are freelance developers?

Freelancers are people who choose to become independent contractors. The latter is a person or company, who provides goods and services to other parties under terms all sides agreed upon, but who does not work for the employer on a regular basis.

In other words, an independent contractor is someone you hire for a limited period to get a specific job done.

Respectively, a freelance developer is a person providing software development services to their customers on a temporary basis.  

The difference between freelance, in-house, and remote developers

computer screen with code

In-house development implies that a company has one or several employed developers, who design and implement software covering the company’s needs.

When software developers are working outside of the office (and sometimes even outside the city, in which the company is located), it is called remote development. It is a convenient option if a highly skilled specialist you want to work for you lives in a different location.

Freelancers are come-and-go specialists, hired mostly for working on specific projects, or in cases when it would be unreasonable to employ a full-time software developer.

Decide who will be a better fit for this particular job

Even if you are thinking about hiring an in-house or a remote developer, you might still want to reconsider and choose an independent contractor instead. Of course, in-house employees feel like a safer bet. But, the truth is that you can minimize all the risks related to working with freelancers, while still reaping all of the benefits.

To hire the right freelance developer, you can follow the workflow we designed here, at Coding Ninjas. As an outsourcing company, we care about the competence and expertise of the specialists we recruit. So, we have designed a special algorithm allowing us to select only the best freelancers available on the market.

Or, you can spare yourself the trouble and contact us directly – we will find you a reliable and skilled professional to work with.

Anyways, regardless of what you decide, first take a look at the businesses who benefit from working with freelancers the most.

Who Needs To Hire Freelance Developers Most Often

businesses that need freelance developers

Businesses with unstable workloads

Such companies often depend on the number of orders they get from clients. If you are among them, it makes little sense for you to hire in-house developers. There may be little to no orders, but you will still have to pay them salaries. A marketing outsourcing company, an SMM agency, or a software developing company make decent examples of such businesses.

Small businesses going digital

No matter how long you have been crafting hand-made eco-slippers, one day you will need to go digital. A landing page, an internet shop, an e-commerce solution–whatever it is that you want, it is advisable that you find freelance developers to maintain it.

Startups and midterm projects

Projects that last from a month and up to a year, and startups creating turnkey solutions and/or minimal viable products, usually hire freelancers.  

E-commerce projects running on open-source platforms

Open-source implies that you can modify all aspects of the code. In the case of e-commerce platforms, it means you can adjust them according to your needs precisely. At the same time, someone must be there to customize the platform and provide maintenance. Hiring a full-time coder for doing just this would be unreasonable. So, if your business runs on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wix, or Magento, a freelancer is a better choice for you.

Distant projects with little access to the labor force

It may so happen that you travel to Antarctica and start selling glacier water to European countries from there. It makes you a geographically remote startup. In such conditions, hiring a freelance developer (or a whole team of them) makes sense.

Businesses operating on overheated markets

On the contrary, if your business runs from the center of the Universe (such as Silicon Valley and the likes), and hourly rates for even the simplest jobs go through the roof, hiring a freelancer could be an excellent alternative for you.

Why Hire Freelance Developers

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting Freelance Developers for Hire

hiring freelance developers process

Here at Coding Ninjas, we’ve developed a vetting process helping us hire the best freelance developers. With the help of the algorithm described below, we make sure only competent developers are allowed to work on customers’ projects.  

General Check

Testing Professional Skills

Assessing the candidate

Interview the candidate

After a freelancer passes all of the stages of our vetting process, we keep an eye on them for about a month. During this time, we onboard them, track the progress on their first projects, control the quality of their communication and cooperation with the customers, gather feedback on their work from our support team, and so on.

Feel free to use this algorithm as a tool to select and hire freelance developers online for the needs of your project. Or, you can place your order at Coding Ninjas. Our quality freelance developers will surely meet your expectations, and you will not have to spend your time and resources on the selection process.

What to pay attention to

Do’s and don’ts of hiring freelancers

checklist for hiring freelance developers



Your Next Step

next steps for hiring freelance developers

Recruiting independent contractors for your business can be a tough task. You need to clearly understand what types of specialists you need to hire, what for, and for how long. You must also be a decent psychologist to assess candidates adequately. Some of them may lie about their experiences, and others can be overqualified for a job you are offering or lack the motivation to work on your project. The future of your project may to a great extent develop on how thoroughly you approach recruiting.  

If you have no time or possibility to go into details of how to hire freelance developers, consider addressing Coding Ninjas. We have developed a multistage vetting procedure allowing us to select and recruit only those contractors who are ready and able to do the job. Each of the candidates willing to work with us must pass several thorough checks of their background, experiences, professional skills, soft skills, proficiency with the English language, and overall adequacy. Out of 100 freelancers applying for the vetting procedure, only 4 specialists pass. Which means that you, as a customer, get to work with the best of the best.

We will find you your perfect developer. Save your time, nerves, and resources, and contact us now.

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