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How to connect with influencers to grow your business

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Imagine being recognized by the influencers in your field and your content being spread like wildfire with one click of their finger. Influencers, as their title suggests, influence business owners which might be small, medium or large, in a lot of ways. They can be used to be used to gain more interested audience share from the industry which you operate in, generate leads or simply increase brand awareness among potential customers.


Identifying an influencer

While being a fan of your industry’s influencers doesn’t make them follow you back or owe you or your business any kind of instant stardom, they can help you to leverage your credibility and to build more trust with your brand’s reputation.

A social media influencer is called as such when the individual is recognized for their work in your industry and has a solid base of followers. Normally they have to prove their credibility too and let people have their say on their work before it is duly acknowledged that, in fact, holds sway of influence as a leader of your industry. For entrepreneurs that are aiming to expand their presence online and to dominate the digital world, a social media presence is highly important and should always be taken into consideration during your marketing and branding strategies.

How an influencer’s work flows

When you visit an influencer’s social media account, lets say for example, Instagram and scroll through their photos, you will notice several photos of products that they may possibly be posting as an endorsement. This is one way an influencer works, because of their influence in the industry, a number of brands approach them and offer the influencer their products for endorsements. Often for the company to increase their own base of followers according to the influencer’s reputation.

Becoming an influencer in your own field

Being an influencer on your own is not an easy task, as it generally doesn’t happen overnight and you have to put in a lot of effort to track your followers and to make sure you are consistently posting quality content. Which is another part of your overall influencer strategy which you need to consider. To be an influencer, you have to be proficient and not just knowledgeable in your industry.

You have to have a certain aura or vibe that makes people look you up and come to you as opposed to you approaching them and following them first with the intention of being followed back. Being an influencer in your industry doesn’t work this way. You work hard, become recognized for it, and become an influencer when the time is right and you have proven enough of what you can do for yourself and for others all on your own or by working with them.


How to engage with an influencer

Connecting with an influencer is easier than having a real, interactive engagement. Like them, you will also have to convince them that your product or service is worth them to find the time to collaborate with you, or give your brand any attention. It’s not to say that influencers are selective with who they work with, but their reputation lies on the work they produce and the recommendations which they give. Saying yes to every project without delivering expected results can jeopardize their brand and their performance and this can affect you as well.

Once you find trustworthy and reputable influencers to work with, set aside time to analyze your products and determine if they suit the influencer’s brand. If they do, make your move and share your content with them. You don’t have to be as big as them for you to collaborate with them or to approach them.

Everything big once started from being small. Impress your targeted influencer with your skills and clear business goals instead of promising them something which you can’t deliver. With this, it is important to establish the correct professional business tone from the get-go.

Engaging with an influencer is not difficult if you have clear and genuine intentions for coming to them. More than anything else, working with them is an aid to expand your presence in the digital media world and to attract more potential customers to your business. When consumers see you working with a reputable influencer, they will trust you more and feel a stronger connection towards your brand.

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