JANUARY 23, 2016


How to automate your business Dropbox solutions with cloud based storage services

Written by: Aleksandr Volodarsky

The power of cloud computing is under way and its rapidly becoming the best choice for cloud based web applications these days. On-the-fly conversion is being offered by Wappwolf for Dropbox users.

Dropbox is a file hosting service which is aimed at business owners with their advanced functionality and API services, which general users don’t usually require for their personal usage. Now you can store, manage and process data for your business easily through Dropbox.

Along with email  notifications, FTP uploading and tweets, Wappwolf also automatically moves the files to other folders. Once you customise your preferred settings, depending on your business needs and according to your preferences, everything is automated on its own.

To simplify and streamline your business, be sure to use the automation tools that Dropbox provides. The automation tools can automatically organise your business by letting you customise it according to your pre-selected choices.


Automation made easy with cloud based applications

Dropbox is an easy to use, simple cloud based application. Make your experience better by letting Dropbox sync your folders automatically with its various range of functionality and customisation.

What makes this cloud based app user friendly, is how it manages the files with the sheer number of solutions available. There have been many reviews about Dropbox but the key features that make this application top rated, and preferred by small to medium business owners, is its ease of use and functionality.

Begin the Dropbox experience by clicking on ‘create a new automation’ link. After that you will be promoted to choose a folder from the already present ones available or you can choose to create a new folder. When a file is placed into the desired folder, the automated conversion will occur followed by the operational process.

If the automation that you entered was ‘Convert to JPG’ then the following step will be to go to the pictures section.

Business owners benefits to using cloud based automation

After this you would select and choose the changes that you want to be made in the image file. The same procedure goes with the audio and video sections.

The whole procedure is not tough or strenuous for beginners but designed to be user friendly. After all, not all small business owners have the time to learn how to operate highly technical software tools, or have the technical know how.

For business owners who are worried about the privacy of cloud based applications, be aware that the content which you upload on the Dropbox servers are encrypted with industry standard SSL protocols.

Business documents, pictures, audio files, videos and general text files are divided into their respective sections. Send Info and Advanced are also the usable options available in the Dropbox application.

For example if the command is called ’Convert to Kindle’, than you will opt for the documents section as the next logical step. Next up in order to specify the file format, you would choose the ‘send it to your Kindle’ link, where you would be able to specify the file format and send it to your Kindle email address.

Dropbox is the best cloud based app for the small to medium business owner which doesn’t need an enterprise cloud based solution. As it provides user-friendly ways to customise your files, documents and business marketing data according to your preferred choice. Wappwolf has made automation easier with cloud based computing.

In order to make your business less tangible and complicated, Dropbox can be utilised to sync your files online. All you have to do for transferring your data is to create a folder or choose one already available. Then you have to organise the files in the folder or customise them according to your preference.

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