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How to automate inbound marketing to increase leads for B2B sales of SaaS

Aleksandr VolodarskyAleksandr Volodarsky

Inbound marketing is a great way to grow an SaaS company as it’s a non-disruptive marketing method and it  allows consumers to find your brand, rather than the other way around. It’s a silent strategy that has been proven effective and efficient, so long as you spend the time to create engaging content as a part of your inbound marketing strategy. It helps you attract the right audience to your website, share your content on different interactive social media accounts and rank on the top positions of the search engine results.


Using HubSpot software to automate inbound marketing

HubSpot may be one of the most widely used tools in the market today as it has a proven record of providing business owners with a quality and reliable CMS offering a comprehensive suite of tools for business purposes.

By using the HubSpot CMS your company can focus on the more important daily aspects of running your business and leave the automation needs to the software. The CMS (Content Management System) offers services that are both basic and advanced depending on the complexity of your marketing automation needs. HubSpot is packed with all the features your business will ever need, including of which are some of the following.

Benefits of the HubSpot software:


Why automation of inbound marketing is important

Inbound marketing automation is an effective way to attract consumers without disrupting the flow of their normal online activities, unlike outbound marketing that does the opposite. Automating your inbound marketing is time-saving in the way in which your chosen software, such as HubSpot, allows you to grow your target market while improving your sales funnel.

Inbound marketing automation is an analytical and mechanical marketing process that can help entrepreneurs and business owners improve their overall marketing strategies. This kind of automation helps a business grow their website traffic, increase their conversion, leverage their social presence and improve their organic SEO.  

Why HubSpot software is better than it competitors

With HubSpot email marketing is more than just sending an email. The software lets you grow your list and target your email messages based on interests, behaviours and the current stage of your prospects. It also allows you personalise your website to match your emails and create a special list to monitor influencers in your industry through your marketing efforts.

HubSpot software lets you convert, track and segment by category your leads. Its content tools help you to attract new visitors and convert them into customers, by helping to assist you convert that traffic into leads.

Inbound marketing may be a subtle marketing strategy but it has been proven to be a powerful attribute for businesses to generate more leads and convert those same leads into sales. With this, HubSpot provides easy tools that both start-ups and established businesses can use to attain their business goals. It is also packed with marketing analytics that is imperative to understanding the process which leads your prospects to your landing page and aids you in building a better marketing relationship with them.


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