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How SaaS Marketing is Different from Every Other Type of Marketing

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Software as a Service is a highly unique type of product compared to others in the digital market. It also deviates from the typical marketing strategies that you can see most online businesses, from product introduction to engaging with consumers. SaaS tackles a different kind of marketing move, but which still proves effective to many.

Defining SaaS and SaaS Marketing

SaaS, an acronym for Software as a Service, is a software distribution model where a vendor or a service provider hosts applications and makes these available to consumers all over the world through the use of Internet. It is a software delivery method which allows individual business owners to gain access to software and its functions. Literally speaking, SaaS marketing is a method of bringing SaaS into the market and selling it to consumers in the target industry.


Maximizing SaaS Marketing

Thousands of potential business owners go online on a daily basis to engage with other professionals in their industry, keep up to date with news and latest trends and often to shop online for solutions which can assist them with their daily business needs.

Following is a brief list of various ways in which you can maximize your marketing efforts with SaaS:

  1. Compare top competitor’s performance. The easiest way to attract more consumers is by comparing your performance and products with that of others. It is not about bashing competitors altogether but proving to your potential customers that you can serve them better and that you have a better line of software than competing brands do.
  1. Get your customers into your mailing list. Making new customers is as important as retaining current ones. If some of your audience are not yet ready to make a purchasing decision, at least keep them coming back to your website on a regular basis.
  1. Grow your online presence. Building your presence online helps both your current and new customers. If not all of them are making purchases from you yet, your social media accounts will serve as another outlet to market your services to them.

How SaaS marketing is different from other industries

  1. The SaaS market sells fast. Software updates from time to time and nothing can really last a lifestyle, much less a number of years. Something is always changing, evolving. Selling SaaS is fast especially in this ever-evolving world of technology we are in. Most business owners make purchasing decisions if the product solves their needs at the time.
  1. Freebies encourage consumers to purchase. For most startups giving away free products is a no-no, a sample may be tolerable, but not the entire product. With SaaS, it’s the opposite. In this kind of marketing, giving away a full trial version of your SaaS can prove your brand’s credibility and lead to increased sales.
  1. Your greatest strength is your information. While other brands are selling products for a short-term or one-time use, you are selling more than your product. You are actually selling a solution, one that could be the best investment your customers can ever make.


Practical tips for SaaS marketers

Marketing SaaS is easier said than done but there are helpful tips you can pick up from your industry to sell your products faster and to the right business owners. SaaS is where you can provide your potential customers with the information that they need, to solve their needs, presented at the right time as the most effective solution. Indeed, SaaS is different from other marketing methods as it deviates from the normal digital business marketing tactics.

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