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Building Mobile Apps on a Budget

Michael MiraMichael Mira

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If you’re a small start-up with a limited budget, using a framework to develop your mobile applications could put a dent on your bank account. However, there are low-cost options available. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few of these tools. They’re not ranked by quality or popularity because they’re all great in their own way and offer important features that will help you develop your mobile app.


PhoneGap is a lifesaver for many start-ups who are seeking a simple alternative to more complex frameworks. Simply put, PhoneGap will save you developing time when you’re on a tight deadline. It uses JavaScript to enable the development of mobile apps in CSS3 and HTML5. These languages are the standards in the industry when developing mobile apps. PhoneGap allows you to create mobile apps that work the APIs of mobile devices.

The platform itself is easy to use and responsive, which helps you run your projects smoothly without worrying about any hiccups or confusing elements. They also have a documentation page that you can use for reference.


EachScape might as well be called “easyscape” due to its simplicity and ease of use. One of the things developers worry about when using tools like PhoneGap is that their mobile apps will come out looking bland due to generic pre-made templates. However, EachScape allows developers to build their applications block by block, so you’ll have numerous customization options.

EachScape uses a drag and drop system which makes it user-friendly. Developers and novices alike can simply select components and integrate their content. With this framework, you can build iOS, Android and HTML5 apps.

Red Foundry

Red Foundry focuses on design and user experience. The Chicago-based company also believes in helping brands increase their profits without gamification—a marketing strategy that employs game design techniques to engage customers—and instead makes takes a share of revenue through development service management.

Red Foundry is a great option for those who want to develop beautifully-designed apps that will engage their customers. So it’s perfect for e-commerce companies and start-ups. You won’t get cheap mobile app aesthetics with Red Foundry because they put an emphasis on UI/UX design. They can even launch your app on app stores for you, and provide you with analytics tools.

Michael Mira is a writer, photographer and web designer based in Houston. He was born in Manila, and grew up in New York City and Texas.

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