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Bidding vs. Non-bidding Freelance Platforms: what’s the difference for clients and contractors

Andrey ZagorodniyAndrey Zagorodniy

What is it all about?

One of the easiest ways for freelancers and customers to meet each other is freelance platforms. These are websites where independent contractors register and showcase their portfolios so that potential clients could decide whom to hire.

Freelance platforms fall into two broad categories: bidding and non-bidding services. Each has its pros and cons, and below we’ll try to figure them out.

How bidding platforms work

How non-bidding platforms work

There is a great variety of non-bidding platforms, but the most popular and reliable ones are freelance platforms for vetted specialists.

Some non-bidding platforms also offer services of project managers who take over the project to make sure it’s completed as agreed and delivered on time. Now that we know in general, how things work, let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of each of the systems.

Non-bidding freelance platforms

A significant advantage of non-bidding freelance platforms is that they often have specialization. In other words, they work with narrow profile professionals. This way, freelance platforms can develop better criteria for selecting specialists to work with.

Here are some services operating under such principles:

Here at Coding Ninjas, we believe that the key to mutually beneficial cooperation between a customer and a freelancer comprises the following aspects:

In our opinion, the best way to ensure all the mentioned aspects are observed is vetting. This is the process of verifying a freelancer’s professional and personal skills, necessary for working with clients. In our company, we have designed a procedure aimed at filtering the best of the best experts. Usually, only 4 out of 100 freelancers applying to work with Coding Ninjas pass all the tests and are allowed to work with freelancers. Take a look at the chart below to get the grasp of what vetting process is:

codingninjas vetting process

Many other non-bidding freelance platforms operate under the same principles. We would recommend you to take them into consideration when posting/searching for a job.

Let’s now analyze the pros and cons of using the services of the freelance platforms for vetted specialists.

Client’s perspective



Freelancer’s perspective



Bidding freelance platforms

Bidding freelance platforms are extremely popular, and you must have heard of least of some of them. Among the most renowned representatives are:

Сlient’s perspective



Freelancer’s perspective




Bidding platforms have been a popular solution for both freelancers and customers far too long. While posing a compromise between accessibility and security, bidding platforms cannot provide freelancers with high incomes (unless they make it to top ratings). They cannot provide customers with reliable and high-quality solutions to their requests as well.

At the same time, non-bidding platforms operate under different principles. Security, reliability, and the high quality of provided services are often among the keystone propositions non-bidding platforms offer to their clients.

Freelance platforms for vetted specialists are a popular solution among both freelancers and customers who value their time and money. Rather than to search for a perfect match, they prefer to address a mediator who ensures mutual security and benefit from cooperation. Clients know that they will be provided with specialists whose professional and personal qualities were tested and approved. Freelancers know that they will get paid for their work, and paid well.

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