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We are very much so! Welcome to our first official blog post! Yay! Thanks for applause. But if you’re not quite sure whether we can become friends, because you have no idea who we are yet, let me clarify that. We are a team of professionals who gathered to solve your problems. If you are a website owner, individual web developer or designer, design studio, template developer, hosting provider, IT blogger or have a unique specialization I didn’t mention above, you are more than welcome to collaborate with us. If you are tired of wasting your time searching for «how to…» or taking a risk by paying unqualified freelancers you can always ask for our help.

Now you might have a doubt «why Coding Ninjas?» and I will be more than happy to convince you.

We are very easy to work with!

We’ve created a special platform where you can share your task and follow the process of its accomplishment. Or more than that you can simply make a screenshot of your problem and email it to us. It is very easy and convenient just give it a try.

We are always there for you!  

Regardless the time difference we are always online. There is no wrong time to chat with us. If you need us we’re there. We won’t leave you without our attention whether you are in the USA, Ukraine or Uganda.

 We’re incredibly fast and honest!

And yes, that’s possible! There is 2 ways to buy hours of our work and a very loyal system of calculation. You always know how long it took us to work on your problem and most of the times you have your task completed within 24hours. No matter if you have a one time difficulty or need our help on a monthly basis you can choose the best tariff plan for yourself.

White label. 

This magic word combination speaks for itself. Save 100% of your time and make some profit from using our work under your own brand name. You are good, we are good, why not to cooperate!

Finally, not to mention we work with the best developers!

Quality is very important for us and by letting you pay only after you approve the accomplished tasks we keep our standards on a very high level. Is there anything else must be said?

So no matter if you are new to IT world and dream about creating a website that will help your passion and income to stay in harmony but not sure you might be able to maintain it. Or maybe you just don’t want to or have no time to deal with small tasks someone else can do for you, while you’re focusing on something more important for your business. Coding Ninjas are here to offer our service and to become friends.

If you need more reasons or questions don’t be shy to leave a comment.

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