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5 Plugins that Will Immediately Improve Your Company’s WordPress Site

Adam RitchieAdam Ritchie

WordPress is a major boon to small businesses – it makes it easy to maintain your company website, and it’s affordable, too.

Company websites have become more and more important as consumers have stopped using their phone books and started using Google to find what they’re looking for. You need to make a good impression online with your website if you want to attract people to your business.

In addition, to its ease-of-use and affordability, one of the key advantages of using WordPress is that it’s highly customizable, with tens of thousands of different plugins available. The following 5 plugins will immediately improve your website, thus increasing your chances of turning any potential visitor into an actual customer:

1. Full Background Manager

Having the same background for everything on your website is a bit dull. Full Background Manager allows you to set separate backgrounds for different pages. With this, you can really make each section of your website really pop.

2. RICG Responsive Images

wp 2

As of 2014, people spend more time browsing the internet on their smartphones than on their laptop or desktop computers. The mobile device-using demographic cannot be ignored. RICG Responsive Images makes your images automatically resize to fit the small screens of smartphones and tablets, which greatly improves the experience for mobile users.

3.Search & Index Page Content

This plugin is made for companies that have particularly complicated products and/or services that take a lot of words to explain.
It adds a sidebar to these pages that allows users to jump to any of the headings below from the top of the page. Making the experience easier for visitors means they’re more likely to stick around on your site, which in turns means they’re more likely to be converted into a customer.

4.Custom Sidebars

Speaking of sidebars, this plugin allows you to separate your site from competitor’s sites by making your design more striking with the use of customer sidebars.

5.Google Places Reviews

google places

Traditional advertisements on TV, radio, and in print don’t often resonate very well with potential customers. People aren’t stupid – they know such ads are inherently biased, so they don’t take the recommendations made in traditional ads too seriously. That doesn’t matter much though – traditional ads these days are more about brand enforcement than actually convincing people to become customers.
But recommendations from real people actually are convincing. Google Places Reviews allows you to feature reviews from real people right on your website, which will work wonders for your visitor-to-customer conversion ratio.

Adam is a freelance writer based in Seattle. His work has been featured on Groupon, Empire News, Menguin, and many other sites.

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