FEBRUARY 21, 2019


2019 Top-22 SEO and Marketing Conferences You Must Attend

Written by: Andrey Zagorodniy

Top-22 Events 2019


As a new company on the market, we at Coding Ninjas realize the importance of promoting ourselves and our selling points, generating leads, advertising, and creating high-quality content.


Naturally, we have to learn – and fast. At some point, we’ve discovered that conferences on digital marketing can do a lot of things for a new company such as ours. Networking opportunities, workshops and lectures, strategy overviews and data analysis: we realized that visiting conferences on digital marketing can make an invaluable experience sometimes.


Choosing among hundreds of conferences worth visiting, we finally came up with a shortlist you see below. And then we thought, “Okay, others might make use of it as well.”


So here we are, presenting you with a brief overview of the events we believe every digital marketer should attend this year.




All the events listed below may be difficult to follow, just because there are so many of them. To keep an eye on the conferences you would like to visit, make sure to subscribe to our special Google Calendar tracking all the important events on digital marketing this year. 



For easier navigation around the article, we have created this brief table. For more information on a conference, simply click on its name.


Month LocationEventDescription


Converge 2019


When: February 19-21


Where: Atlanta, GA


What: Converge 2019 is an education-focused event for CMO’s, recruiters, enrollment leaders, and everyone enthusiastic about digital marketing. Talks and workshops on digital advertising, research, and creative strategy will be followed by a tailgate party, so you are sure to get your share of networking and fun as well.


Among the most anticipated presentations are:


  • Developing a Multichannel Approach to Digital Marketing Strategy (Hayley Warack, Converge; Alex Fleshner, Google)
  • Leveraging Digital Platforms to Produce, Distribute and Measure Your Stories (Mike Petroff, Harvard University)
  • Connecting with The Unreachables: Navigating the Next Frontier of Digital Marketing with Google (Alex Fleshner, Google)


For Whom: CMO’s, digital strategists


How Much:


  • $985 Converge 2019 Conference Pass/Converge 2019 CMO Experience Pass
  • $500 Day 1 pass for two workshops (on data analytics, research and creative strategies, and digital advertising) and an on-site networking lunch
  • $685 Group conference pass (pay for three people you bring with you, and get the 4th pass for free)
  • $20 College Football Hall of Fame tailgate party pass


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Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019



When: February 25-27


Where: San-Diego, CA


What: A 3-day conference on what is actually working for digital marketing right now, in February 2019. The event promotes itself as practice-focused, meaning there will be no marketing theories or experimental approaches – just proven methods. T&C Summit 2019 gathers more than 5,5K people annually, so you will get plenty of networking options.


Besides, where else are you going to see and hear Sir Richard Branson himself this year?


For a brief sample of what topics are on the agenda, check out the list below:


  • Inbox Hero: How to Write Emails that Will Have Your List Clicking, Buying, and Drooling at Every Word (Laura Belgray, Talking Shrimp)
  • 10 Strategies That Won Big for DigitalMarketer in 2018, Plus 2 That Failed Miserably (Justin Rondeau, Digital Marketer)
  • How to Build a Social Media Sales Machine (with Organic Content + Paid Facebook Ads) (Amanda Bond, The Ad Strategist)
  • Profit with Facebook Ads from Day 1 by Optimizing the Most Important (and Under-Utilized) Webpage in Your Funnel (Nicholas Kusmich, H2H Media Group)
  • The Client Conversion Campaign: How To Write Cash-Generating Copy That Eliminates Unqualified Leads From Clogging Up Your Calendar and Gets Ideal Prospects To Show Up To The Sales Call Ready To Buy (Jennifer Hudye, Conscious Copy).


If you work in digital marketing, you cannot miss T&C Summit 2019.


For Whom: digital agency owners, SMM, email marketers, content marketers


How Much:


  • $1,995 All-Access Pass (Keynote and Big Idea sessions, Breakout sessions, Networking pass, All-Access Paty, “Red Carpet” Access)
  • $2,695 VIP Pass (all of the above included + VIP Lounge, VIP Party, Up-Front Seating)


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Digital Summit



When: February 26-27 (closest)


Where: Seattle, WA


What: Digital Summit is a series of conferences held around the United States, and our personal favorite in this list. Yes, Coding Ninjas are participating, so if you are planning to visit Digital Summit this month, chances are we meet you there.


This annual event gathers focuses on the subjects each digital marketer holds dear: conversion, data science, marketing strategies, content marketing, paid advertising, and so on. I.e., Digital Summit conferences cover every possible aspect of digital marketing.  


Some of the early confirmed speakers for the February part of Digital Summit held in Phoenix, AZ are:


  • Tim Degner (Lead design strategist, Nike)
  • Liza Dunning (Brand writer and content lead, Airbnb)
  • Diane Sidden (Regional audience manager, Cisco)
  • Curtis Midkiff (Senior advisor for social business, SouthWest Airlines)
  • Noelle Lacharite (Principal program manager/Developer experience for cognitive services and applied AI, Microsoft)
  • John Panighel (CRM & Digital marketing manager, Adidas)


Declared agenda includes such topics as:


  • Reinventing Content Marketing Into a Measurable Business Strategy (Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute)
  • The New Era of V-Commerce: What Marketers Need to Know About the Voice Assistant Revolution (Meg Goldthwaite, NPR)
  • Why Marketing Analytics Fails (and How to Do It Right) (Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics)
  • SEO Quick Wins: 20% of Actions for 80% of Results (Matthew Capala, Alphametic)


For Whom: SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketers, email marketers


How much:


  • $335 Conference Pass
  • $445 Plus Pass (Conference Pass + AM Workshops, lunch, post event: audio and slides)
  • $555 Premium Pass (Plus Pass + full DS library of audio and slides, VIP lounge, reserved keynote seating, express check-in)
  • $995 Platinum Pass (Premium Pass + exclusive keynote meetup and Platinum Swag)


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Distilled SearchLove Conference



When: March 4-5


Where: San-Diego, CA


What: The San-Diego event is one out of three SearchLove conferences that are going to be held this year. For two days, the participants will be bombarded with presentations on SEO, PPC, data analytics, and content creation.


The previous Distilled SearchLove Conference in 2018 included a Q&A session with John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst in Google), as well as presentations on the ways of visualizing search data, organizing your local SEO, creating viral content, advertising on social media, and much more. This year promises to be equally great.


For Whom: SEO specialists, PPC marketers, content marketers


How Much:


It is possible to buy 3 tickets for the full price, and get the 4th one for free.


  • $1299 – 2-day conference ticket, including food and networking events
  • $1349 – Video Bundle, which includes the regular conference ticket, and access to all the video materials from the conference
  • $1599 – VIP Bundle. Includes all of the above + a VIP evening with speakers.


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Engage 2019



When: March 7-8


Where: Portland, OR


What: A 2-day digital marketing conference, Engage 2019 strives to be as universal as possible. Two tracks featuring 4 sessions daily makes a total of 16 sessions: you will definitely have what to choose from!


The event will be focused on new and effective strategies in content marketing, SEO, user experience design, SMM, paid media, etc.


Engage 2019 is organized by SEMpdx, a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring together digital marketers and businesses. It makes the conference affordable for smaller companies and entrepreneurs.


Among the most anticipated speeches are:


  • How to Supercharge Your Marketing with Competitive Intel (Ellie Mirman, Crayon)
  • Converting Users at Higher Rates: Tips & Tests to Find New Customers (Jeremy Epperson, 3Q Digital)
  • How to Master the Art of Social Media Ad Copy (Ashley Ward, Madhouse Marketing)


Prior to the official opening, the conference will also feature a full-day workshop on mobile SEO (Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie)


For Whom: PPC marketers, SEO specialists, content marketers, SMM specialists


How Much:


  • $679 Late SEMpdx members
  • $799 Late Non-Members + SEMpdx membership
  • $949 Day-of-event ticket


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Social Media Marketing World



When: March 20-22


Where: San-Diego, CA


What: A gathering of experts from around the world, whose main passion and focus are marketing via social media. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram provide excellent opportunities for promoting your business–so why not learn how to make the fullest use of them?


Social Media Marketing World will teach you Facebook advertising, using Instagram stories for business properly, analyzing content with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, creating video ads, and much more.


Some of the topics you do not want to miss are:


  • How to Build a Facebook Sales Funnel
  • How to Use Facebook Ads and Organic Posts to Build a Sales Machine
  • How to Create Ads That Convert: The Anatomy of a Perfect Facebook Ad
  • How to Create a Sustainable Community With Facebook Groups
  • How to Create Instagram Stories That Lead to Sales
  • How to Generate Leads With Instagram
  • How to Get Started With Google Data Studio Social Media Dashboards
  • How to Create Video Ads That Convert and Scale


For Whom: SMM specialists, agency owners


How much: Conference tickets start at $547The most popular option is an All-Access ticket for $1597. It includes access to:


  • Keynotes
  • All sessions and tracks
  • Live video, video creation, and blogging tracks
  • Workshops
  • Live stage
  • Recordings of all sessions and workshops
  • Networking parties and plaza


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Marketing Festival 2019



When: March 20-22


Where: Prague, Czech Republic


What: Marketing Festival 2019 will be held in the heart of old Europe, and host some curious guests such as:


  • Dan Ariely (professor of psychology and behavioral economics)
  • Mark Ritson (professor of marketing)
  • Britney Muller (senior SEO scientist at MOZ)
  • Will Reynolds (founder of Seer Interactive)
  • Ryan Wallman (associate creative director at Wellmark)


They will be covering thought-provoking topics, so get prepared to look at habitual things from a different perspective:


  • “Content” is the worst word the marketing industry ever invented (Samuel Scott, tech contrarian & columnist)
  • Digital marketing is dead: survival tips for what comes next (Jono Alderson, digital strategist and a full-stack developer, Yoast)
  • Framers for behavioral change & psychology of money (Dan Ariely)
  • Making marketers better in 2019 (Mark Ritson)


Although there will be speakers from Czech Republic, you do not have to worry about the language barrier: all speeches are in English.


For Whom: digital marketers


How Much:


You can buy a full ticket for a moderate price of €280 (€338.80 with VAT)


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UnGagged 2019



When: April 1-3


Where: London, United Kingdom


What: UnGagged is a huge international event, both in scale and  intellectual value. Usually held once in half a year, it is known for its strict rules: visitors are prohibited to take audio or video records during the conference. This measure is meant to allow speakers to express unbiased and uncensored opinions and thoughts.


If we were you, we would definitely attend these speeches:


  • All Wood, No Trees: Technical Search is A Blunt Axe Without Content to Sharpen It (Aiden Carrol, The Coloring In Department co-founder)
  • Leveraging Reddit: The Social Media Superpower Everyone is Scared Of (Brent Csutoras, Digital Marketing Consultant at Brent Csutoras, LLC and Managing Partner at Search Engine Journal)
  • How to make your content marketing REALLY work? (Kevin Gibbons, co-founder and CEO at Re:signal)
  • The butterfly effect in SEO (Lukasz Zelezny, SEO/Social Media Speaker)
  • How your old & discontinued products can net massive SEO revenue growth (Luke Carthy, Technical eCommerce SEO and CRO specialist)
  • Bill and Ted’s Righteous Tips for totally Non-Bogus Local SEO (Greg Gifford, VP of Search at DealerOn, Inc.)


Along with speeches, the conference will host several masterclasses on SEO and data analytics, so make sure to buy the tickets: UnGagged 2019 is definitely worth your attention.


For Whom: SEO specialists, PPC marketers, content marketers, email marketers, data analysts


How Much:


Early Bird tickets cost £699 (plus £139,80 VAT).


Tickets purchased on site will cost you £999, plus £223,74 fee and VAT)


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ContentTECH Summit



When: April 8-10


Where: San-Diego, CA


What: The event is dedicated to the influence of technologies on the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies and their role in creating and delivering digital content to users. ContentTECH if primarily focused on practical advice and direct experiences of the summit’s participants.


The list of speakers is stellar. In particular, you will hear from:


  • Henry Rollins (yes, the Henry Rollins you’ve all seen on TV, heard on the radio, or danced to his Black Flag hits)
  • Dusty DiMercurio, the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at Autodesk (yes, the Autodesk, an American software megacorporation)  
  • Jenny Hooks, head the US Digital Marketing at Cisco (yes, Cisco)
  • Megan Golden, the Head of Global Marketing at LinkedIn (okay, you got it).


And other undoubtedly brilliant personalities and the true professionals of digital marketing.


The conference’s agenda includes subjects close to the heart of every content marketer out there:


  • Orchestrating content for omnichannel customer experience (Alan Porter, Senior Executive at Simple [A])
  • Analytics: 9 tips for setup, analytics and team collaboration (Andy Crestodina, Principal/Strategic Director at Orbit Media)
  • Behind the Scenes: How LinkedIn marketers mastered content marketing using LinkedIn (Megan Golden, the Head of Global Marketing at LinkedIn)
  • Click to human: how to create a frictionless customer experience through conversational content (Chris Buehler, CEO at Scorch and PingPilot)
  • The Neuroscience behind memorable content (Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist and founder at Memzy)


For Whom: content marketers, CMO’s, CTO’s, COO’s


How Much:


Early Bird Tickets


$1,999 All-Access Pass (workshops, main conference sessions, evening networking events, expo hall access, post-show video access)

$1,799 Main Conference Plus (workshop OR post-show video access, main conference sessions, evening networking events, expo hall access)

$1,299 Main Conference (main conference sessions, evening networking events, expo hall access)


Regular Tickets


$2,099 All-Access Pass

$1,899 Main Conference Plus

$1,399 Main Conference




$2,399 All-Access Pass

$2,199 Main Conference Plus

$1,699 Main Conference


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Content Marketing Summit Asia



When: April 10 (closest)


Where: Sydney, Australia


What: Content Marketing Summit Asia is entirely focused on content creation, distribution, and promotion. You will learn about the top content marketing practices and strategies, how content creation can benefit B2B and eCommerce, how to monetize content and optimize it for search engines, and much more. Extreme informational value, along with great networking opportunities make Content Marketing Summit Asia a must-attend event in 2019.


The subjects which are going to be discussed during the summit include:


  • Content Creation – In-house Production vs Outsourcing (Rebecca Johnston, Head of Marketing at Amaysim)
  • Panel Discussion – Content Marketing barriers for brands: How to overcome? (Andrew Starrier, Content Marketing Lead at Hexagon; Adam Ross, Content Lead at Coca-Cola South Pacific; Maricel Custodio, Head of Marketing at Laureate International Universities)
  • Managing the B2B Sales Funnel using content
  • Content distribution – how much to budget for it?


You will also hear from:


  • Ray Closs (Director – Marketing, Cisco)
  • Caroline Raj (Head of Marketing, IBM)
  • Nina Spannari (AGM, Canon)
  • Mohammad Danish (Marketing Lead, SAP Cloud Platform)


and other digital marketing rock stars, whose presentations you definitely do not want to miss. Make sure to buy tickets!


For Whom: content marketers


How Much:


Early Bird tickets are available until February 28, and will cost you $400. Regular tickets cost $500, and for startups not older than 3 years there is a special price of $300.


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When: April 16-18


Where: St. Louis, MO


What: In 2018, MDMC (for Midwest Digital Marketing Conference) was rated a top marketing conference by Forbes. If this alone does not make it worth your attention, then read on.


MDMC has already proved itself to be one of the industry’s favorite: the previous event gathered over 2,000 visitors and more than 130 speakers, featuring the representatives of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.


This year, the conference will start with 8 miraculous workshops dedicated to:


  • B2B marketing automation
  • LinkedIn marketing strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Livestreaming
  • Facebook advertising
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Best and advanced UTM practices.


This is not all, of course, and you can complement obtained practical skills with theoretical knowledge during the main conference events held on April 17th-18th. Here are just some of the topics that are going to be raised:


  • Elevate your customer experience with AI (Wilson Raj, Global Director / Customer Intelligence at SAS Institute, Inc.)
  • Donors, data, and digital delirium: leveraging technology for the sake of community (Matthew Hundley, Digital Marketing / Analytics and Insights at Joyce Meyer Ministries)
  • Chatbots are the new funnels – conversations are the new leads (Danny Monzon, Certified Social Media Strategist at DM Digital)
  • 2019 SEO glow-up: 6 easy SEO fixes that big companies miss (Jayna Grassel, Senior Consultant at Bounteous)
  • 5 powerful tools every social media manager needs for saving time and improving ROI in 2019 (Alex Cameron, Social Media Strategist at Signature Social Marketing)


In a nutshell: just buy tickets and go. MDMC is definitely this year’s to-go event.


For Whom: SMM, SEO, PPC, email marketers, content marketers


How Much:


Currently, no early-bird tickets seem to be available. There is, however, a discount  on the General ticket ($159), General Plus ($219), and VIP (All-Access) ($339).


Full price is $169, $229, and $349 respectively.


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The Disruptive Marketing Conference 2019



When: May 2


Where: London, United Kingdom


What: The purpose of the Disruptive Marketing Conference 2019 is simple: to bring together 16 prominent representatives of different industries, and let them talk about the means of reaching their target audiences with the help of technologies.


The list of speakers includes such personalities as:


  • Zach Brand (Chief Digital Officer, The Guardian)
  • Denise Law (Head of Product, The Economist)
  • John Elliott (Head of Commercial Technology, Sainsbury’s)
  • Hailey Cochrane (Head of Digital, MailOnline)


They, as well as other confirmed speakers, will be discussing the bread and butter of digital marketing today: customer’s journey, media content, cross-channel advertising, and data (big and small).


For Whom: digital marketers, content marketers


How Much:


Currently, there is only one option available: £120.00 for Super Early Bird tickets (all-access). It allows visitors to attend all presentations and networking events held during the event, including coffee breaks, lunch, and drinks.


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When: May 20-23


Where: Toronto, Canada


What: Huge collision ahead (pun intended). Having had gathered over 25,000 attendees on its fifth year of existence, Collision looks like it is going to be one of 2019’s biggest industry events. This year’s list of speakers currently includes 150 people, all from the companies which can be called market leaders. Just check on the list below:


  • Ev Williams (Founder and CEO, Medium)
  • Michael Seibel (CEO and partner, Y Combinator)
  • John Chambers (Chairman Emeritus, Cisco Systems)
  • Tobias Lutke (CEO, Shopify)
  • Daphne Koller (Co-founder, Coursera)
  • Alex Stamos (Adjunct Professor at Stanford University)
  • Ray Chan (Co-founder and CEO, 9GAG)
  • Maya Draisin (CMO, Wired)
  • Lucas Joppa (Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft)
  • Mikkel Svane (Founder and CEO, Zendesk)


Just look at those companies. Impressive, isn’t it? More speakers will be announced soon.


Collision is your chance to hear from the industry leaders, the best of the best. Don’t miss it.


For Whom: digital marketers


How Much:


CAD$ 375 Exhibition floor only

CAD$ 495 General Attendee (Early Bird)

CAD$ 4,595 Executive

CAD$ 22,294 Chairperson


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SMX Advanced



When: June 3-5


Where: Seattle, WA


What:  A conference dedicated exclusively to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, SMX Advanced gathers experienced SEM and SEO specialist to talk about complex problems of search marketing, offer insights, and answer questions. Subjects on the agenda are related to both advanced marketing tactics and the very basics of SEM and SEO.


For Whom: SEO and SEM specialists, PPC marketers.


How Much:


$1,795 All-Access Pass

$1,119 All-Access for one day

$895 Workshop only

$149 A ticket for networking events, and for the Search Engine Land Awards event.


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When: July 31 – August 1


Where: New York City, NY


What: CommerceNext is meant to bring together experts from retail and eCommerce industries for discussing and improving their strategies of attracting new customers, sharing experiences, and networking. Last year, the conference gathered executives from more than 400 retail and eCommerce brands, including the following ones:


  • eBay
  • Bacardi
  • Levi’s
  • Uniqlo
  • Under Armour
  • Adidas
  • U.S. Polo Assn.


and many others. So, we have all reasons to believe that the 2019’s event will be as saturated and bright.


The list of speakers and the agenda have not been announced yet, but chances are that they are going to be no less prominent than in 2018.


For Whom: digital marketers


How Much:


$795 for tickets purchased through June 1st

$995 for tickets bought in between June 2nd and July 30th

$1295 for tickets purchased onsite on the day the conference starts.


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CONEX: The Content Experience



When: August 20-22


Where: Toronto, Canada


What: As great as it sounds, there is a conference focused solely on content marketing. Meet CONEX, the ultimate platform for sharing experiences and learning from the best of the best content marketers.


41 sessions held throughout 3 days will include presentations, speeches, and workshops dedicated to designing customers’ content experience. Full agenda and the list of speakers are yet to be released, but in 2018, CONEX gathered an impressive team of bright content marketers:


  • Matthew Luhn (Pixar)
  • Jay Baer (Convince & Convert)
  • Randy Frisch, Yoav Schwartz (Uberflip)
  • Andrew Davis (Brainscaping)
  • Caitlin Angeloff (DocuSign)
  • Kara Widdison (SnapApp)
  • Scott Stratten (unMarketing, Inc.)
  • Corinne Sklar (Bluewolf Group)


and a number of other experts. Make sure to book tickets in advance, as CONEX 2019 promises to be one of the most significant content-focused conferences this year.


For Whom: digital marketers, content marketers


How Much:


$250 for a pass to attend workshops and case studies. Both will be held on August 20th.

$449 for a Premium Pass, including keynote and breakout sessions; pre-event breakout session registration; access to all networking events, and attendance of a closing party.

$649 for a First Class Pass. This includes access to keynote and breakout sessions; first round breakout session registration; access to all workshops and case studies, networking events, and a closing party, and a VIP lounge.


First Class Pass and Premium Pass can also be purchased for groups, for $486.75 and $336.75 respectively.  


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Content Marketing World 2019



When: September 3-6


Where: Cleveland, OH


What: Content Marketing World 2019 is going to be huge. More than 120 sessions with speakers representing leading brands from around the world, await you. You will learn about the risks and dangers of content marketing, strategies for using your already existing content, tips & tricks for creating new engaging content, and much more.


Here are some of the topics on the conference’s agenda:


  • 42 content marketing risks – and how to attack them (Bethany Chambers, North Coast Media)
  • 5 creative ways that content marketers can better support their sales team (Pam Didner, Effective Sales Enablement)
  • Advanced content marketing w/ Google marketing platform (Charles Farina, Analytics Pros)
  • Content marketing for the robots (Search Engine Marketing) (A. Lee Judge, Content Monsta)
  • How to be the best guest blogger so you get invited again (Ann Gynn, Content Marketing Institute)
  • Structured content: you onramp to AI (Laura Creekmore, Edgenet)
  • The best and worst of email marketing (Jessica Best, Barkley)


As you can see, Content Marketing World 2019 is all about practical knowledge. The event regularly attracts attendants and speakers from big famous brands, such as:


  • Twitch
  • Intel
  • Adobe
  • Electrolux
  • Google
  • The New York Times
  • LinkedIn
  • Volvo
  • Walmart


In a word, if you have not yet bought tickets for the conference, now is the time to do it.


For Whom: content marketers


How Much:


All-Access Pass


$1,999 Super Early Bird

$2,199 Early Bird

$2,399 Regular

$2,499 Onsite


The pass includes:


  • Workshops
  • Summit or Industry Forum
  • Post-show video access
  • Main conference sessions
  • Evening networking events
  • Expo Hall access


Main Conference Plus Pass


$1,599 Super Early Bird

$1,799 Early Bird

$1,899 Regular

$1,999 Onsite


The pass includes:


  • Access to workshops OR Summit or Industry Forum OR Post-show videos
  • Main conference sessions
  • Evening networking events
  • Expo Hall access


Main Conference Pass


$1,099 Super Early Bird

$1,299 Early Bird

$1,399 Regular

$1,499 Onsite


The pass includes:


  • Main conference sessions
  • Evening networking events
  • Expo Hall access


Summit or Industry Forum Pass


$599 Super Early Bird

$649 Early Bird

$699 Regular

$749 Onsite


The pass grants you access to the Summit or Industry Forum.


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When: September 25-26


Where: Vancouver, Canada


What: Unbounce’s CTA conference exists to share and discuss all things digital marketing. This year’s agenda has not been announced yet, but 2018’s event looks to have been useful for the conference’s attendants, having had covered such topics as:


  • What Google serves up on local SERPS
  • Going beyond the basics of Facebook advertising
  • How sentiment and speech analysis can unlock higher close rates
  • An ex-Googler’s guide to predictable revenue using Google AdWords
  • SEO success: the one engagement metric to rule them all
  • Data-driven copywriting for brand-spanking new products


Judging from this, 2019’s event is obviously a to-go event for digital marketers working with content and ads.  


For Whom: content marketers, SEO specialists, SMM specialists


How Much: A ticket costs $300. You will also have to pay $21.94 fee and $16.10 GST


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Connect to Convert



When: September 25-27


Where: Boston, MA


What: Connect to Convert is a gem for all those obsessed over a single idea: how to find leads and convert them into customers. The content will cover B2C and B2B sectors and is aimed at providing you with the most relevant and effective lead generation strategies.


The agenda and the list of speakers for this year are currently TBA, but guessing from the 2018’s list of subjects, Connect to Convert 2019 will be of use for any digital marketers engaged into lead generation. Here is a glimpse at what was discussed during the conference last year:


  • How to hack the brains of B2B buyers
  • Best practices for better customer acquisition
  • Designing an extraordinary customer service culture using chatbots and Pixiedust
  • Tension + human: keys to supercharging the B2B sales funnel
  • Leveraging data and organizational culture to deliver exceptional customer experiences
  • EDU lead gen: your marketing stack is upside down
  • Creating customers for life: leveraging technology to tap into your full revenue potential
  • No such thing as a free lead: attribution of paid media and the impact on all other inquiry sources


This list goes on and on, with all of the topics revolving around the same subject: increasing B2B and B2C sales by the means of digital marketing. You might want to buy the tickets in advance: Connect to Convert promises to be a hot event this fall.


For Whom: digital marketers


How Much:


A ticket purchased before April 26th will cost you $950. For this money, you get:


  • Access to keynotes and networking receptions
  • Access to all general sessions, parties, and the exhibit hall
  • All onsite meals
  • Post-event slides from all sessions.


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State of Search Conference



When: November 5-6


Where: Dallas, TX


What: As the name implies, the conference is focused around SEO and SEM, with a bit of PPC. If you know what these abbreviations mean (and we bet you do), State of Search Conference is an event you must attend.


In 2018, it was packed with practical content:


  • How to overcome PPC hurdles and low search volume
  • What is Blend? How to get the most out of your cross-channel marketing data
  • Link acquisition – but not building content and pitching
  • Combine paid and SEO strategies to increase your bottom line
  • 7 strategies you won’t hear from your Facebook rep
  • Advanced session: large scale localized landing page SEO
  • Fully automated search ads – the future is now


This is but a glimpse at what was really going on during the previous State of Search conference. If you ask us, we say: “Just buy those tickets no matter what.”


For Whom: SEO specialists, PPC marketers, digital marketers


How Much:


Currently, there are 100 Early Bird tickets available, each costing $500 (with a $19.09 fee). The Early Bird offer ends on May 1st.


Regular price for a ticket is $600 (plus a fee of $22.59). Sales of regular tickets start on May 2nd, and will last until October 1st.


Last minute options will also be available. If for some reason, you cannot buy tickets in advance, you will be able to do it just before the start. It will cost you $700 (with a $26.09 fee). Last minute tickets will be available from October 2nd and until November 4th.


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DigiMarCon Latin America 2019



When: November 19-21


Where: Online


What: In 2019, the idea of an online conference on digital marketing sounds satisfyingly right. The largest digital marketing event in Latin America, it is open for everyone willing to attend: all you will need is a ticket and an internet connection. Such format may somewhat disappoint those looking forward to network and make new acquaintances, but it is still packed with top-tier content.


DigiMarCon Latin America 2019 covers a set of crucial subjects, among which are:


  • Targeting and optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital strategies
  • UI/UX
  • Acquiring and engaging new customers
  • Data and analytics
  • SEO
  • Paid search marketing
  • Growth hacking


Being an online conference, DigiMarCon costs cheaper than you would probably expect, while retaining its practical value and usefulness.


Just imagine this: you can stay in your office or cozy home, and actively participate in a huge international digital marketing event. We love online conferences. Do you?


For Whom: digital marketers


How much:


Currently, a Super Early Bird All-Access Pass is available for the price of $197.


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Digital Marketing World Forum



When: November 25-26


Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands


What: Want to learn digital marketing tips and tricks from the speakers representing Coca-Cola, Philips, Twitter, Gucci, or Heineken? Plan on visiting content-packed, thought-provoking conference attended by higher management representatives? Then Digital Marketing World Forum 2019 is something for you to look into.


A big event with a history of more than 10 years, DMWF serves as a speaking and networking platform for famous brands from around the world. Attendees’ list comprises senior managers from Sega, Google, Lego, Freesat, Barclays, Virgin, Groupon, and other companies you know and love.


Among the topics discussed during DMWF in 2018 were:


  • Beyond page views: an effective content strategy (Sade Laja, content strategist at Booking.com)
  • Scaling brand content (Grant Munro, SVP at Shutterstock Custom)
  • Bringing your campaigns to life through dynamic content and engagement on digital platforms (Rens Verveij, head of innovation at VICE Benelux)
  • Influencer marketing, your to-do list (co-founder and CEO at Influo)
  • The fight against disposable content (Nick Mason, founder and CEO at Turtl)


The agenda for 2019 is yet to be announced, so stay tuned.


For Whom: digital marketers


How Much:


Super Early Bird Tickets (All-Access Pass) will cost you:


€399 for a day (either day 1 or day 2 of the conference)

€699 for two days

€129 for the conference materials.


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