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12 Mac Shortcuts Worth Remembering

Michael MiraMichael Mira


If you’re a coding ninja, you know that speed and efficiency are keys to beating a tight deadline. There is a lot of coding to be done, a lot of screen switches (if you’re working with multiple monitors), and repetitive processes. So to slice your time in half, we’ve compiled 12 shortcuts for Mac users.

Many of these shortcuts are familiar with those who are used to working with Mac for coding and design projects, but some are actually overlooked by users. Believe it or not, I see people still use the manual way. But knowing shortcuts like these will make a difference in terms of how fast you get your results.

  1. Command + Shift + 3

Save a screenshot of the whole screen as a file.

  1. Command + F

Find text. This is especially helpful for novices who are learning coding through a documentation or education course.

  1. Command + Option + I

Toggle Web Inspector.

  1. Command + Option + C

Toggle console.

  1. Control + Shift + 3

This will allow you to view the layer details sidebar.

  1. Command + Return

Force evaluation.

  1. Command + O

Open a file.

  1. Command + Option + Shift + P

This will allow you to start profiling JavaScript.

  1. Command + Option + Shift + T

Start Timeline recording.

Tip: A Timeline is a graphical representation of the activity that happens during the lifetime of the open page. Timelines can show you a lot of important elements, such as network requests, CSS rendering, and JavaScript events.

  1. Command + Control + Y (Alternative: Command + /)

Pause script execution.

  1. Up Arrow (Alternative: Control + P)

Previous command.

  1. Option + Return

Force newline.

Michael Mira is a writer, photographer and web designer based in Houston. He was born in Manila, and grew up in New York City and Texas.

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