Fast Track for an Audience: SEO for Small Companies Explained

If your site is flawless, but still not getting the traffic or ranking it deserves, running a quick onsite audit will give you some immediate gains that can be followed by off-site focus.

Tools I Love and Recommend

There are a million tools out there. The gold standard is Moz. Moz can tell you where your website ranks, how well it’s doing, and what sort of unlinked mentions are out there, but a lot of Moz’s tools are not free. Using an all-encompassing tool like Seo Site Checkup will give you more options, and is free to use. You are looking to make sure everything is labeled,has a buddy, and is working. There are a plethora of free services you can use to double check your site, whether is Screaming Frog or the ‘find broken links’ chrome plugin, your options are limitless. Continue reading “Fast Track for an Audience: SEO for Small Companies Explained”

How Google PageSpeed Insights Can Optimize Your Webpages

Google PageSpeed Logo

Google PageSpeed Insights is a web-based tool that analyzes the content and elements of a web page. It will then generate suggestions to make that page faster and other optimization options. Google PageSpeed Insights is a valuable tool for online businesses and other professionals who want to improve their website’s visibility and potential traffic. Continue reading “How Google PageSpeed Insights Can Optimize Your Webpages”

To Scope or Not to Scope

When you run a web development business, you’re bound to come across some challenges.

You’ll likely find that the biggest obstacle is attracting attention and convincing anyone interested in your services to become an actual client. This is a very time-consuming and expensive process, considering all the marketing and reputation-building that’s required.

So it’s hard enough just to get someone who needs help with a web development product to actually contact you. But even once you’ve achieved that victory, your work isn’t over yet. Continue reading “To Scope or Not to Scope”

What UI lessons can we learn from Microsoft?

Microsoft UI Lessons 1

Microsoft is widely used by business owners and corporations today and it continues to be a success in the market despite the number of competitors and the increasing innovations with technology.

Microsoft continues to pursue better products and services for its business customers while developing basic and advanced applications to encourage businesses to go beyond what they already know and are capable of. Continue reading “What UI lessons can we learn from Microsoft?”

What UI lessons can we learn from Amazon?

Amazon UI Lessons 1

Amazon pretty much looks the same way it did 10 years ago when it was originally launched, but have customers outgrown its look and style or consistency is really the key to an everlasting relationship with your users?

In this article, we’ll discover how Amazon has managed to pull off its consistent website design over the years, how its UI benefits users, and what lessons we can learn from Amazon’s own user interface. Continue reading “What UI lessons can we learn from Amazon?”