Coding Ninjas connects clients with qualified and vetted coders and programmers faster than you ever thought possible. Whether it’s a whole website, a specific integration, or just a small fix, your project is guaranteed to be completed quickly and to the highest order of quality.

Instead of making a customer to spend his time on choosing the “right” programmer, we assign the most qualified one to their task in under an hour. This helps:

– to reduce customer’s time on finding, evaluating, and choosing a programmer or a coder
– to eliminate possible mistakes in their choice due to the lack of expertise
– the programmers to monetize up to 90% of their free time, instead of spending at least 50% on sales and negotiation


August 2015 Coding Ninjas founded in Jerusalem, Israel
April 2016 Coding Ninjas incorporated in Delaware as Coding Ninjas, Inc.
May 2016 First white label partner launched

Our leadership

Aleksandr Volodarsky
Aleksandr Volodarsky

Vasyl Dzesa
Vasyl Dzesa

Aleksandr and Vasyl have known each other for over 8 years. They worked together in 2 different companies and completed more than 100 digital projects for their clients.

Aleksandr being a go-getter and Vasyl being systematic, they form a strong and stable team.